November 8, 1945

Seoul, Korea

8 November 1945

My Beloved Darling Sweetheart:

It is very late and I am so tired but I want to get a short note off to you anyway. It may not be such a good letter but I do want you to know that I love you more than ever and it is so good it just to be yours forever in the everlasting love of our Lord Jesus Christ. I was certainly happy and pleasantly surprised to find two more of your letters, they were yours of October 29th and the short note you wrote and enclosing the $25 money order. I just glanced at the money order and I noticed it is stamped Postmaster New York instead of Postmaster San Francisco, California. I certainly hope that doesn’t interfere with my being able to cash it. I shall try right away tomorrow morning to cash it and I will find out, and if they won’t cash it for me, I may have to send it back to you. Don’t worry though until I find out one way or other.

Picture of Hiroshima 1945.

  This was certainly a very full day from very early this morning, but I don’t mind, for that way the time seems to slip by much more rapidly. Don was gone on on pass all day so I tried to get some studying out of the way in the morning but there were about half-a-dozen interruptions so you can see I didn’t have the opportunity to accomplish very much. After having my dinner, I came right back here to the Chaplain’s office and had my devotions and then another man called to see me and that took quite some time. I had to go to Corps Headquarters and take care of some things over there, so as soon as I could get a Jeep I had the driver take me over there. I finally got everything taken care of around 4. And then I started to walk out to Rody Hyun’s home. It is between 5 and 6 miles but I enjoyed the walk and I got to see very many interesting sites along the way. I won’t take the time tonight to tell you about them, but when I have a little more time I’ll be sure to tell you about some of the things I saw all along the way. It was just brisk enough to be nice walking weather.

Rody had asked me to come about 6 so I was a little ahead of time so I walked up to one of the hilltops and the sun was just looking behind the hills and mountains in the direction of Jinsen.  It was really a wonderful view and I shall never forget it, I only wish you could have been with me, for I know you would have enjoyed such a view very very much. I walked down to Rody’s home just as dark was gathering and his little twelve-year-old daughter Hai Ok met me and we walked together to their home. She can only say a few words in English. She is very pretty and my how I loved her, she is so sweet and unaffected. You know what I thought don’t you Darling, it will be so good when we can have our own family. And I know you will be such a wonderful mother, it is so good to be your husband, Darling.

  The missionary Dr. Underwood was there as well as Dr. Yu, acting president of the Chosen Christian College, and also Mr. Lee, one of the important officials at the bank of Korea. They are all wonderful men. Mrs. Hyun had a wonderful meal for us, I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow night. It is so late now that I must try and get some sleep before morning. Rody gave me a letter for Mr. Kraft. I will write to him tomorrow morning. By the way, please try and contact Dr. Joseph Rodehearver  at their Chicago office address or write a note and tell them that I had dinner with Rody and that he asks me to send them his best greetings. If you talk or write to them be sure to convey greetings to Homer. Contact Dr. Mantey, I’m sure he can tell you their office telephone number in Chicago as well as their address at Winona Lake.  That will be all for tonight, Beloved. God bless you and the folks in all things. I will try to write you a better letter tomorrow night.

 Forever just yours in Christ’s love,


Colossians 3:3

 P.S. I found an article in the old Corps paper about Ewha College. I thought you might like to read it.

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