November 8, 1943

November 8, 1943

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:-

It is very early Monday morning and I want to get a few lines off to you before we may be called to leave here.

Soldiers fighting the fires in Topanga Canyon – November 8, 1943. Image from Los Angeles Public Library.

Yesterday was a most difficult day, for most all of our men were called out early in the morning to fight a fire which is still raging in the Topanga Canyon and has extended itself to the Malibu beach, over 130 homes have already been destroyed in the canyon besides hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of timber and other property. We are in readiness here at Headquarters also for we may also be called to help fight the fire. There are several thousand soldiers from everywhere fighting it, but a high wind drives it over every place where they try and stop it.

I only had 31 men all together in my services yesterday, the rest were out fighting this fire. Yesterday afternoon at 2 PM I had a wedding in Alhambra for a young man in the Air Corps. It was really beautiful. It was a garden wedding. All kinds of flowers-it was semi-military. They also had the reception in the garden. There were between 50 and 60 people present. Then last evening I spoke to the Adult B.Y.F. at the First Baptist Church. I poured my heart out on the challenging hour in which we live. By remembering the challenging words of II Chronicles 7:14 we can as Christians win the day for Christ.

I didn’t hear from you yesterday and words cannot tell you how much I missed your sweet letter. You see, the reason I didn’t hear was because our men were unable to go into Long Beach and pick up the mail. The fire has changed everything. I surely hope we can get it under control today. Well Lover, there is so much to do I’ll have to close for now, but remember you grow more precious to me every passing hour and I love you so.

God Bless you Dear,

I am forever yours in Christ’s  Love,


Col 3:3

Phil 1:3

November 8, 1943

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:-

You are sweeter all the time and I love you more because you are growing all the time. Your letter was so sweet today and it meant more than I can possibly tell you in words.

I’m glad you tell me about Mom. She is going to do herself more harm than Bob suffers if she is not careful. The most important thing of all is whether he or not he’s a Christian. She might have great cause for concern if he were not saved, but even then worrying about it wouldn’t help, she must pray about it and leave it in God’s hands. If she would busy herself by studying God’s Word and praying for the boys who are going into a Christ-less eternity, she would soon find a peace in her heart that she never knew existed before. And if she could see what I have occasion to see as I call in the different hospitals, she would get down on her knees and thank God for taking care of Bob as he has.

Bob Price. 1943

Bob is so much better off than so many of our soldiers. And I’m just a little bit afraid Bob makes it harder for himself by not being willing to cast all his burden on the Lord. As I said to you in a previous letter, there are many many things in the Army that are unrighteous and make one sick at heart but Dear, this old army is made up of sinners just like me, except I know and have experienced the salvation Jesus gives if we will accept it. Our Army is made of civilian personnel and they were doing the same thing as civilians, only now they are doing it on a greater scale. The cheating, gambling, cursing, drinking and what have you that I hear from day to day is disgusting, but it only emblazons upon my heart and mind more and more this fact – that what civilians, as well as the Army, needs is Christ. These same folks, given the opportunity in civilian life, would have done the same things. I worked at Wilson’s, Gregg Publishing Co., Steven’s Restaurant, Railway Express and I’ve seen men cheating and doing exactly the same things as one finds in the Army. And I believe the sooner Bob realizes that fact the better off he will be. From what you’ve told me and how I know Bob acts myself, I believe that is one of the reasons he seems never to be satisfied. We must pray for him also. Now Dear, don’t misunderstand, I know I need to be prayed for also because there is plenty wrong with me. Thanks for sending the check. Mrs. Ben Nelson also sent me a check for $7.85 which she said she was sending to me because in checking over the records they found they had taken that amount out of my pay which really belong to us.

As I told you before Lover, I don’t want you to run yourself short so be sure to get all your needs. Have you got that new dress or suit yet, especially from me? How are you fixed for shoes? If you need them be sure to get them, you might make them also a part of another special gift from you to me to go with your new suit or dress.  Did you get the $200.00 cashiers check all right? Glad to know you got your term papers in early. I always tried to do the same thing. I also got a sweet letter from Genevieve it today she is so sweet and I just love them like I never have anyone else. And by the way, I also got a sweet letter from Bobby to, it was surely nice.

Yes dear, the other books arrived and thank you very much.

We marched over 5 miles today with full packs, that is I mean the battery at Headquarters. We wore our steel helmets and all. About half of them had to go to the medics for blisters. We traveled over all kinds of ground. They kept teasing me about being such a good walker and not being affected seemingly, so now they are teasing me and saying Washington D.C. made a mistake and that I should have been assigned to the Commandos instead.  One of the Captains of our group who is a graduate of West Point in 1940 challenged me to run a mile with him after we returned from our march and I beat him by a long way. And he said I was the first Chaplain he ever saw who could run and walk so fast. It was surely hot here this afternoon, it is hard to make myself realize that this is November.

By the way Lover, they are still fighting the fire and hope to get it under control by tomorrow noon. Enclosed are some pictures of the fire. I wrote a letter to Harold and Buena today and will mail theirs on to you to read.

Well Dearest, I must close now and do some other things, but remember I love you more all the time. I am unable to thank our Lord enough for such a wonderful wife.

Every yours in Christ’s love,



Phil 1:3

Col 3:1-4

One thought on “November 8, 1943

  • John Reed
    November 8, 2017, 3:54 am

    “They kept teasing me about being such a good walker and not being affected seemingly, so now they are teasing me and saying Washington D.C. made a mistake and that I should have been assigned to the Commandos instead. ”
    Well, we’re all glad that he wasn’t assigned to the Commandos! But, we were all impressed with Willis’s physical fitness throughout his life. As some of us know, he had a hole-in-one at Green Lake, bowled a 220 after a 30-year hiatus, and ripped a line drive down the 3rd base line at age 65 during a 1st B. softball game…wowzers and God bless Dad!

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