November 7, 1944

November 7, 1944

My Beloved Darling Sweetheart:

There were not any planes today and of course that meant there wasn’t any mail for me. I won’t be expecting any mail until about Friday or Saturday, and even then, I’m not going to hope too strongly for I may be disappointed as so often I have been. I’m so glad I have your last letters to look over for they do help some anyhow. I will be so grateful to our God when we can be together again and know the joy which we have enjoyed so many times in the past.

Newspaper from November 7, 1944

Early this morning I left here to see about a certain problem, but I was not able to do very much about the situation because the individual involved was most uncooperative. Later, I returned to headquarters to pick up Captain Wilkinson and we went to the Post Office together. I made up two packages to send off to Verla (Donald’s Wife) and another one to Gale Hollenstiener for her birthday and Christmas. I sent a shell necklace like you have to Verla, for I thought perhaps she would like to have one. I sent a fountain pen from us to Gail for her birthday and for Christmas. We had a few minutes before dinner, so we took advantage of our opportunity and picked up a few more shells along the shore.

During the noon hour I did what studying I could and later Raymond, Captain Wilkinson and I left for the native village to see about some things down there. We arrived back here in time for me to do some more reading. After supper, Major Stenson, Captain Wilkinson, Captain Stark and I went fishing for a while. I didn’t care to go because I had so much I wanted to do. But after all I finally did go. Captain Stark was the only one who had any luck. He caught one nice fish. After returning, we listened to the news and here I am now writing to you, Dear.

I will go ahead and make some more comments about things you said in your letters of yesterday. You asked me if I knew Ray McLaughlin, I do know him quite well, and I do feel that he will be a good speaker for your Senior class day program. We had several good discussions while in school together.

I am happy to know that you like your class of boys so well, from what you told me in your letter, it seems you have a very good opportunity to lead them to an understanding of the salvation we have in Christ. I will be glad when you will not have to run down to Buena immediately after your class is over for I think it is very hard for you. It must’ve been very nice to see Mrs. Anderson again. She is such a dear woman and I know she thinks so much of you, Darling. I’m glad you had the opportunity to see the Baers again. I often think of them and what grand people they are. From what you said in your letter, they must have a very lovely home in Evanston. I was very sorry to hear about the loss of her brother. How old is their daughter? I don’t ever remember meeting their daughter.

I enjoyed reading the article about the meeting of the young people in the stadium, but it was written by in an uninterested party. You can truly tell by that manner in which it was written. I’m not surprised what you said about the street cars that Rorrey Johnson asked for, as you know the wrong church was asking for that privilege. Chicago is controlled by that group, for you know as well as I do that all of the churches of that faith have a policeman but check the others and you will note that the policeman are conspicuous by their absence.

The last grades you received in Evangelism were improved. Perhaps you will be able to get a higher grade than you expected, Dear. I will be glad when you have that course out of the way, right now it is an additional burden to say the least. I was surprised to hear that you got a picture of Linda Sue Newingham. From what you said, she must really be growing. It must be a very nice picture. Art will be very happy to have a picture of her I am sure.

Sweetheart, I got quite a kick out of your speculation about buying the low-cut shoes. I bought them because they were obtainable at the time and I had no idea when I could ever get a hold of a pair again. My others are pretty well worn and I wanted another pair just in case. Low-cuts are fairly hard to get out here, that is the reason I bought them. I have no idea where I am going when relieved from duty here. But in all probability it will be further west. The man who is to relieve me has not arrived, so I have a feeling it will be quite some time more before I receive orders to move. But then that isn’t certain either, for it is entirely possible to receive orders to leave here as soon as I can pack all of my things. I may not have to wait for my relief to arrive.

I agree with you about the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God idea. I do not claim to be an authority in the matter, but to me they are one and the same thing. Some men seem to enjoy arguing over such trivial things.

It must be hard for Gen to take care of Dale when he will not let her out of his sight, I take it that he has been scared or something. Perhaps he will snap out of it soon. I do hope so for the sake of Paul and Gen. When he feels that way it makes it that much harder for them. While in seminary, I had the opportunity to hear the first women graduate from Northern Seminary. When she spoke she gave a very fine message, although some of the men made fun of her afterwards. The message Dr. Bradbury gave sounded long and involved. This denominational controversy has made me more puzzled than ever. As you know, I hear very little about the problem out here and I hardly know what to think. Personally, I am very sorry about the whole thing for in this time we ought to be getting together and working harder than ever for Christ. Whenever you hear anything about it that may be of interest, I would appreciate knowing, for then it will help me I know in the future.

So you saw Leonard Norman for a while, it looks like he will continue with Horace Heidt’s Orchestra. I do hope that he will be strong enough spiritually to not be led away. Undoubtedly the temptations that will come his way will be many, and it will take real convictions to overcome.

Glad to know that Lois Sloan is going to live with the Mahannah’s, it will make it much nicer for her. From what you have told me before, she must’ve been very lonely at times where she was staying.

Most of the soldiers I have ever met feel about the Army just like Alrik and I. The sooner this thing is over the better we will feel. You know what promotion I’m looking forward to, don’t you Dear?

A mission may help North Shore, but sometimes I wonder how they can handle one when they cannot find enough workers in the church as it is now. I sincerely feel that the church will have to lose some of her ego and glorified idea of herself or the Lord will place her on the shelf. I love the church and I have many happy memories of it, but the thing they need the most they are not trying and asking God for, and that is a Holy Spirit refreshing and reviving of every member of the church. It seems to me they are too much social minded and not enough Christ centered. You can count on my prayer for the church and for you my beloved as you work there.

My Dear, it is so late and I am tired, so I will close for now. God bless you Dear in all things. Give all of our friends my best wishes and love.

Yours forever in the Love of Christ Jesus,


Colossians 3:3

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