November 6, 1944

November 6, 1944

 Sarah, My Dearest Darling Wife:

Imagine my great joy with your arrival of six letters from you today, Dear. I read them over as soon as I received them and now have just finished reading them again. Darling, how thankful I am to our God for your wonderful love and devotion. Be it ever known to you that your love and sweet Christian spirit are a comfort and joy to me in this time of our physical separation. You have taught me by your life and love just what Jesus meant when He said, “I come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.” I am so thankful for His salvation of our souls, for we as ONE in Christ are daily seeing more and more of the glories that He has in store for those who love Him and serve Him. In brief my Dear, that which I feel in the deepest recesses of my heart and soul words can never describe it. Only in your presence and talking as we used to, could I ever let you know my feelings. And then to adequately and fully understand my deepest love it could only be revealed by being quiet and holding you in my arms and looking into your eyes that have always spoke of your deep love, absolute sincerity and most of all your love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The letters I received from you today were for the following days, October 19th, 22nd, 23rd, 25th, 26th, and 27th. These letters have brought me up to date and none of your letters are missing. In one of your former letters you told me that Mom had written to me, but her letter did not arrive with that bunch of mail I received today. Besides your letters, I received a letter from Gen, Elizabeth Riley, Dolores Nelson, Edith Jackson, the Judson Press and several other official letters. The letter from Edith Jackson was very very nice and I was very glad to hear from her. She thinks you are a wonderful girl. Lover, I have known that ever since the night of November 1st, 1940. As you know, to me you will always be forever, “God’s little girl.” When I think of the Lord’s goodness in leading us together, I cannot but praise His holy name and ask for strength to be worthy of being your husband and His servant in the telling of the story of salvation. For after all, it was because of that STORY that you and I have learned to treasure the wonders of His mighty love. As I write this to you Dear, my heart goes out across the surging Pacific, across the Sierras, the Rockies, the great expanse of the middle west to your heart, Dear. Remember, miles might separate us physically, and in that we do not know the future, we know not how long it shall be but remember my beloved, I am forever just yours and will always want to be, NOW and in His GLORIOUS PRESENCE.  The joy in my heart is BECAUSE of you, Dear.

Today was a regular routine day so I won’t going to detail. I will answer some of your questions and make comments on some of the things you said in your letters. First of all, I am certainly glad that you like Church History so well. I think now you will be able to see why I always thought so much of Dr. Stiansen. He is one of those rare souls the Lord is able to use because he is humble enough to believe with a child like faith the word of God even though he has studied it from all possible approaches. We need more men like him in the seminaries. I think we are to have the very best teachers obtainable in schools to train men for the Lord’s harvest fields. You will like Church History even more as the weeks slip by.

Sweetheart, I feel just as you do about being courteous to Chapel speakers. They were that way when I was there and I hoped it would pass away with the graduation of some. Personally, I think you have to show the utmost respect to all individuals. For did not Abraham have angels visit him on unawares. And I will always remember the statement of Emerson’s, “I have yet to meet a man who is not my superior in some respect.” Even children should be respected and loved, for there is a day coming when they will be our superiors in many ways. I think one of the most important things about Christ was the fact that He could see all of the potential possibilities in men as well as children. I like the theme of your program for the senior class on November 9th. To me, that is the crux of our future attainment and progress in the church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The letter from Gen was just as sweet and kind as she is, isn’t it wonderful to have such good loving Christian friends? The Lord has been so very good to us. Sweetheart, she surely loves you and thinks you are such a fine Christian. One cannot love without becoming lovely also. She has a great responsibility as the mother of those fine boys, but she and Paul have a great Lord and knowing them and knowing Him as I do, I know that He will see them through to days of great usefulness. When you see her again, be sure to tell her for me not to work too hard. Paul is getting along very well, for which I am happy. The first year or two of school will be the hardest, I feel confident that God will open the way for them in all things.

I think it will be grand if you speak at the Senior class chapel service, that is if you feel led to do so. I will not know until it is past whether you speak or not, but this one thing I will do, even though I don’t know, I will pray especially for God’s blessing on the whole service. Remember Dear, it is not, “Are ye able?” But ARE YOU WILLING?

From what you told me in your letter, the letter that you received from Edna Jenkins must have been very nice. I have owed her a letter for some time. As soon as I can find enough time I will try to get off a short letter to let them know I haven’t forgotten them altogether.

Of course, I am very happy to hear and know that the Chief is reading the Bible more lately. I think Mrs. Montgomery’s translation helps. As I had told you before in former letters, I am now reading the Bible through in the American translation. It is printed by the University of Chicago Press. I’m sure you will be able to pick it up at the Judson Press. It is jointly published by J.M. Powis Smith and Dr. Edgar J. Goodspeed. I find it very good and I’ve just been thinking it might make a good Christmas present to Mom and the Chief from us. You probably have several other things in mind, but you could give them that Bible translation also.

Mom and The Chief at North Shore. 1944.

I was certainly sorry to hear about the folk’s picture, the main thing is getting it. I can hardly wait until it arrives. I found out in today’s letters that you didn’t mail your picture till October 23rd, so I will not be able to expect having it for about two or three weeks. I will be so happy to have it, my Dear. Anything having to do with you will mean very much to me.

I am very glad you told me about Margaret’s mother calling up Mom and telling about what Bob had written. My heart just ached for Margaret, from what you told me I’m sure she must be a wonderful girl. I cannot understand Bob writing anything like that to her. After all, writing as often as she does, I don’t know how he could ever get the impression that she was ever going out with anyone. From what you told me, it seems that Bob must have been a little hasty in writing such a statement. From what you told me, I cannot see how he could have been interested enough in a USO girl to have even listened to what she may have said about Margaret. Please don’t think I’m judging, but it does seem to me that Bob displayed a definite weakness by even being impressed enough to mention it. Down here, and yes while in Los Angeles area, I saw the type of individual above mentioned and I have yet to see one such individual I would trust or even be phased by some such statement which they might make. Be assured that I’ll pray about it, my Dear. And I do hope Bob will just think for a minute how he might have felt if Margaret had written him in such a manner. Darling, I could talk to you for hours on end about every kind of marital and sweetheart trouble, for the men have been to ask me what should be done. After each case, I cannot help but be quiet for a moment and thank our Lord for the absolute and unreserved trust we have in each other through Christ. I cannot explain how, but every day you grow more precious to me.

Tonight I wonder how I could love you one bit more, but from previous experience I know I will love you more tomorrow evening, and the only way my finite mind knows how to explain that is the fact that having lived one more day our Lord has granted me one more day to love you and that one more day adds to the sum of all the love I have ever had for you previously.

My Dear, it has grown late and there are many things in my heart I would like to say, but both of us are still clothed in mortality, therefore we are limited even in the expression of our deep deep love in Christ. I will save some of my comments and answers for tomorrow nights letter. God bless you my Dear and remember I love you with my whole heart now and ever. Give Mom and the Chief my love and best wishes.

Always and Forever just yours Dear

In His beautiful love,


Colossians 3:3

P.S. Enclosed you will find a couple of pictures and negatives.

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