November 4, 1945

Seoul, Korea

4 November 1945

My Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

This has certainly been one very full day and I’m really tired and weary tonight. I got up very early and came down to the office and studied my sermon over again. Don and I got everything ready for our service. There were only 74 in attendance at our service this morning. But that was to be expected after all the changes of yesterday and today. I’m going to enclose the programs we had this morning, I think you might like to read it over. I used the idea in the sermon that man almost automatically feels sorry for someone who is physically deformed. But I used the idea that anyone who does not take Christ into consideration in their lives are morally and spiritually deformed. And from that I presented the way and the plan of salvation in Christ.


Willis in his Jeep visiting his men. Christmas Island 1944.

My friend Dr. Yong was in again to attend our service this morning. We visited for about half an hour and then left for his home. His wife is feeling better now and their baby boy is coming along fine.

  Just before noon a soldier came in to see me and that took time. I hurried from here to get up to our officer’s mess in time to have dinner. I was surprised to find that we had french fried potatoes and a piece of good steak. It was almost like a dream. I think the ship which took men home yesterday must have brought it in for us.

  Shortly after having dinner I returned to the office and Don, a Jeep driver and I left here to see if we could find Rody Huyn,  the Kraft’s friend.  We drove out to the college. There are two sections, one for girls called Ewha Women’s College, and the boys section called Underwood College. Together they are known as the Chosen Christian College. We stopped first to see the girls college and then I met Dr. Helen Kim who is the president of the girls college and also met Miss Kim, a graduate of Juilliard Music School in New York. I asked her if she knew Rody and of course she did because actually he is the head of the music department and he is considered Korea’s most outstanding musician. She very graciously went with us in our Jeep to Rody’s home but he is gone most of the time during the day so I didn’t get to see him. However, I did have the joy of meeting his wife and two of his daughters. They have 5 children, four daughters and one son. Rody’s wife speaks very little English and doesn’t understand so well but Miss Kim (music teacher at Ewha) explained to her very well. Darling, I wish you could meet her, she is so very lovely. We came back to Ewha  College and Miss Kim invited me to come in for a few minutes. Dr. Kim (President) and Miss Kim and Mr. Sim and I visited for about 1/2 hour over a cup of tea with they insisted I have. By the way, Dr. Kim and Miss Kim are not related, that name like Smith and Jones is very common in Korea. I showed them the picture (the one we had taken together at Mandels just before coming overseas),  you know what they said? They thought we looked like brother and sister. Poor you, but Dear, I wish you could know how happy that made me. I just kind of shed a few happy tears inside of me. For after all, I know of no one I would want to look like except you, Darling. It certainly means everything to have such a wonderful wife as you are.

Dr. Kim was wondering if I could get you over here right away, for they could use you in the department of Christian education. As it is now, they don’t have anyone. She was wondering if  I could get out of the Army as a Chaplain and become a teacher in the boys part of the college and then preach in one of the churches here in Seoul.  Darling, I like Korea very much and I know there is a wonderful opportunity for service over here. I certainly wish the Northern Baptist had some work over here. The Presbyterian Church has certainly done some magnificent work over here even under very trying conditions. Darling, I think you would like Korea very much if you could see and realize the possibilities for service over here. You know, I’m quite sure if the Baptist had a set up over here and you were willing and felt it the Lord’s will, I wouldn’t hesitate one moment to volunteer for service as a missionary over here. When I see all these people over here my heart just yearns for them to know the joy and peace which comes in knowing Christ. Darling, enclosed find a series of pictures which appeared in the Korean paper (Corps Headquarters) of Ewha College. Those buildings are beautiful indeed. We don’t have a building as nice at Northern. Some of the other buildings not shown in the picture the Japanese used to store ammunition and Ordinance supplies. Note Dr. Kim’s picture, she is a PhD from Columbia. I’m also enclosing another series of pictures which I thought we might save for our scrapbook of official celebration of Korea’s Liberation October 20th.

  We drove back here and there was a soldier here to see me about marital trouble, by the time he left it was time to eat. Having had my supper, I was on my way over here when I was detained to help with a very sad situation. I cannot go into detail now. Suffice it to say it just about broke my heart.

  I went over for our evening service. They were 19 in attendance. I spoke on Luke 2:42-50. “What’s Your Business?”  I had planned on coming right over here but another soldier asked to see me.  He accepted the Lord just before we left Okinawa and has been coming along beautifully in the growth and knowledge of Christ. He has been having family trouble – there is a wife and two children. Pray that his wife may come to know the Lord also. We talked for quite some time and I had a special prayer for them and will remember them in my own devotion and prayer time.

 Sweetheart, as a result it is very late and I’m so tired I must close for tonight. God bless you my Lover in all things.

 Yours and yours alone in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3

 P.S. Also find enclosed a snapshot of poor Sad Sack. That’s just the way I felt on that night. It was a nightmare to say the least.

By the way Dear, the boys part of the college is not open as yet and unless the girls section can obtain coal by Christmas time they will have to close because it is far too cold to try and conduct classes in zero weather. There are over 900 girls in attendance at the girls college now.

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