November 30, 1944

November 30, 1944

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

You will remember that I told you in last nights letter that we had mail come in. I got what little mail there was for me just before noon. I only had one letter from you, it was for the 19th of November. I’m still missing a letter for the 10th, I hope it arrives soon for it is the one that had to do with your senior day program in chapel. As always, your letter was a blessing to my heart. Nothing in all the world can replace the joy which is mine because of you, Dear. Your letters are always a benediction to my soul. It means more than you realize to know what you are doing from day to day and what you are thinking. I think it is so wonderful that we can keep one another informed of our feelings and the things we are learning from day to day. I’m sure my letters would be much more interesting to you if I told you certain things, but I feel that is not wise to do so under existing circumstances.

Raymond and I spent the entire morning crating some of my things that will leave here on the next ship. In all probability, I will leave here by plane carrying only a few clothes and my communion set with me. These other things will go on ahead. It was quite a problem to decide what to send on ahead, for after all, there’s no telling how long I will have to get along without the things that are proceeding me. Before I finally get away from here I will probably send home two or three more boxes to you. You can be assured I’ll let you know when I mail them so you will have some idea when to expect their arrival.

After dinner I had to take care of a couple of things that came up. Captain Wilkinson drove me to the Air Base while Raymond finished crating my two footlockers and bed roll. By the time we had done the things I needed to do it was about time for supper. However, I did have enough time to read my devotional material. All of which I think was very good. I find great joy in knowing we are reading the same things on the same day. After all, we don’t have to think about the time element, for did not Jesus say that in Eternity time shall be no more. And further, by His statement in John 5:24 we are already in Eternity. Isn’t it grand to have such a wonderful Lord to lead and bless us in every way?

After supper, Captain Wilkinson and I took a ride along the shore in his Jeep. We had a lot of fun watching the frigate birds chasing the goonies and robbing them of their fish. Someday I will tell you all about it. We really had a beautiful sunset this evening, I know you would’ve enjoyed it very much. It is most  unusually cool this evening. I never remember the time in my stay here when it was as cool as it is tonight. After the sun goes down, it generally cools right off and unless we fail to have a breeze off of the ocean, and that does happen occasionally.

Willis with his Jeep on Christmas Island 1944.

As soon as I came back to my quarters, I wrote a letter to a certain soldier who has a problem that is bothering him. I hope this letter will help him out. I was tired after all the interruptions of last night so I laid down for a while.

Today being the last day of the month, it means I have to get my monthly report for November ready. I have worked on that some now, but most important of all, I read your last letter over again and will answer questions and comments. You mentioned the picture I used to have of you with the verse, “miles do not divide”. Where do you keep that picture now? I love that picture very much and I’ve often thought about it since being out here. The reason I like it so much is because I have seen you look just that way many times.

It is certainly encouraging toThe Robe.” I asked you once before I believe if Dr. Mantey thought the reading of the book “The Apostle” would be alright for collateral reading. Did you ever ask him? Dear, I think the reading of the book may help you some in your New Testament.

It is encouraging to know that your class of boys are doing so well, I always loved to teach children. I always think we learn so much from teaching. I would like to be a teacher or professor.

I was surprised to know that the Chief was interested enough in the shells to want some for himself. I don’t have much time to find them but I will do my best to send some home for him. The problem is made a little difficult because they will have to be thoroughly cleaned before I can start them on the way home. However, assure him that I will do my best in the time which is mine.

Sweetheart, I think it was so sweet the way you reminded me of what I used to say to you when I helped you with the dishes. When I read the statement I always used, “What a man will do for the sake of those he loves,” well, I could hardly keep back tears for I couldn’t help but realize how wonderful it is to have such a good wife as you are. Darling, I wasn’t such a good lover for you and I suppose I was a disappointment at times, but I will try to be better than ever I was before.

By the way, I failed to mention the fact that your Aunt Helen in Washington sent me a nice postal card from Mount Vernon. I also received a letter from Dolores, a nice Christmas card from Calvin Lee and a nice Christmas letter from Carl Anderson. Connie sent a nice Christmas card and a little note with it.

Lover, it is very late and I am tired so I think I will close for tonight, God bless you in all things and remember, every day with you in Christ is sweeter than the day before. Give the folks my love.

Yours for the ages of the ages in Christ’s Love,


Colossians 3:3

P.S. Enclosed you will find some pictures and negatives. 

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