November 3, 1944

November 3, 1944

 Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

I was pleasantly surprised with the arrival of two letters from you, they were for October 21st and 24th. Now I am missing your letters for the October 19th, 22nd and 23rd. Perhaps these letters will arrive in the next mail that comes in. Darling, the letters are so very precious, I read them over twice and will probably read them again tomorrow evening if more mail doesn’t come in. Thank you Dear for being such a very good wife to me.

This morning I did the usual routine and then spent the rest of the morning reading articles I have wanted to read for some time. After dinner, Captain Wilkinson, Raymond and I went down to the native village to see one of the men who is very sick. While down there, we had a good visit with Timete and the men. Later, I went down to the dock area to visit with the men for a few moments. 

Dear, you are right about not getting your hopes up about me returning home. I think, as you, it is best not to plan on it until the war is over and then if I should be fortunate enough to get home before then, so much the better. As you know, I will be very glad to be able to leave here for home tomorrow, but that is not to be, so we will trust the Lord from day to day and hope that it comes much sooner than it now appears.

Your description of the Youth for Christ meeting in the stadium sounded very good, I do hope they will be able to reach many young people for Christ. I agree with you fully about so many gospel courses, I feel there are times and places for them. But I’m afraid in many rallies they overdo the musical program with jazzy choruses. I love the great hymns of the church and would love to hear them used more often in our services. With you, I also agree that we ought to have a little emotion and real passion for Christ, but personally I feel the most effective way to lead men and women to a devotional consciousness with some of the majestic hymns we have. It seems to me there are two kinds of emotion, that which is light and expresses itself in outward motion, and then there is the other which is deep and finds its expression in deep feeling that fills a person with a sense of awe. After all, it seems to me if salvation comes from within and must be worked out, just so should we seek to make people aware of the attributes of our God through well chosen sacred music. Maybe that isn’t so clear but I think you’ll understand what I mean, Dear.

Imagine my surprise to hear that you had the opportunity to visit with Charlie and Eddie. I thought he had already gone overseas. It must’ve been good to see them. They are among the greatest friends I have ever had, I only hope you will have the opportunity to know them better. I know just how Charlie must’ve felt leaving Eddie. When I was there with you and knew the hour was drawing nigh for the parting, there developed within my breast a burden that shall be there until I am able again to be with you. Nothing in all this world could ever take the place or ache in my heart, there is only one who can remove it and that will be when I feel your precious arms around me again.

You were saying that Charlie is bothered with the sight of blood. I have help now with several cases and have watched operations so I am becoming used to the sight of blood. Not so long ago I helped Captain Wilkinson with a bad accident one of the men had. He is a good surgeon and it did me good to watch him work. For if the time comes I want to be able to help my men as much as possible under battle conditions. Is Charlie assigned to a field hospital or is his hospital unit attached to an infantry division?

Your two-minute speech sounded very good, I would have liked to hear it. Sweetheart, to hear you say you love me with your own sweet voice will be the grandest thing I can think of right now. Often I think of the times when we told each other of our love. You are such a good wife.

Be sure to thank Ruth Large for getting the film for you, I appreciate her thoughtfulness very much. I’m glad that you will have an opportunity to visit with Vi Scherenberg again. It is good to know such a fine Christian girl. And I know from what Carl tells me, she thinks everything of you and you are a greater help to her than you fully realize.

From what you told me your letter, I think probably Stan and Letha will be called to the church in Morrison, Illinois. If they are, I do hope that God will bless them and lead them and all they do. I believe I told you that I recommended them to Harold and Buena for their church.

By the way, I forgot to tell you before but I no longer have Route Step. Some of the men at another area have him. I now have Snookie, she is really a good pal. You will see her in one of the pictures I am mailing to you in this letter.

Willis with Snookie.

I was surprised to hear about Chester leaving Lexington, but from what Bertha told me in our last letter I am not too surprised. She said things were really a mess and the young peoples work just didn’t exist anymore. Darling, I understand fully what you said about Amy. Wonder what will happen to the church now. I do hope they get a good man and that they will not go too long without a pastor.

Early this morning I wrote a letter to Chaplain Brown and another to John and Helen Mueller. During my noon hour I took enough time to write a letter to Mr. and Mrs. Sheu. I am going to do my best to whittle down these letters I should answer.

Lover, I must close for tonight and get some rest, for tomorrow will be a busy day. Remember, I love you more now than ever I have before. God bless you Dear in all things.

I love you now and forever

In Our Savior’s Mighty Love,


P.S. Enclosed find four pictures with the negatives.

Colossians 3:3

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