November 29, 1945

Seoul, Korea

29 November 1945

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

Well, today we had some turkey so that made up for not having it last Thursday, in fact, they gave the men half a day off. We had gravy, sweet potatoes, (canned) peas and carrots, raisin pie and bread. I’m so looking forward to next Thanksgiving for maybe we can be together to enjoy it. This business of being so many thousands of miles from you is difficult to say the least.

Sarah looking at her diamond. 1945.

I spent the entire morning getting things straightened up in this room which is to be my regular office. The Catholic chaplain will have his own office which will help a lot, especially when it comes to having devotions and quiet time. This is the finest office I have ever had and I know Don will like it when he comes. This is really a splendid setup. The chapel is almost like a dream. In fact, this whole setup is. They say this is one of the finest buildings in all of Korea and I can readily believe such is true. As soon as I can I will take a couple of pictures of the building to give you an idea of what it’s like. After all the kind of places I’ve had, it seems almost like a dream.

  After having had my dinner I came over to the office and studied for my message for the first-midweek service which we had this evening. There were 18 in attendance which is a start. I had hoped that there would be more than that but I’ll keep on and seek the Lord’s will in the future work here in the hospital. I spoke this evening on this theme, “Today’s Number One Problem.”  My scripture was Nehemiah 4:1-9. I built my outline on the idea of reconversion and then applied the same to our spiritual life and relationship to God.

  I visited with a lot of men today. It is good to meet the various groups of men – I’m seeking to use all these opportunities to gather pertinent information which will help our work together in the years to come. It will be so wonderful to work with you by my side again.

  It has been very cold all day and it has been cloudy most of the time. The sun did shine for about an hour once this afternoon. I’m surprised we haven’t had snow before this time. I suppose you’ve had quite a little snow back there by now.

 I was certainly amazed to hear about Bob Bothwell being out of the Army and back in school at Northern. I can imagine Bill probably gave a fine talk and I can imagine some of his dry humor. It was good to hear that Gilbert Johnstone is looking so well. Is he discharged also?

  I can imagine you would be about worn to pieces after an evening with the children on a Halloween party. I hope you will be able to see Midge Witering Bennett and have a talk with her. I’m continuing to pray for her. She is a fine girl and I can understand how terribly she must feel, for I handled a good many cases like that since being a chaplain. 

It was certainly a surprise to hear that Gilbert and Pat are expecting a baby in April. How are they getting along out there in the church they have? You said Gilbert is going to school. Where is he going to school? In Iowa somewhere?

  Well Lover, I’m going to close for tonight, remember, I love you much more than ever forever in Christ’s wonderful love.

 Forever yours and yours only in

 Christ’s eternal love,


 Colossians 3:3

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