November 29, 1944

November 29, 1944

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

This has been a very much mixed up day because a little bit of everything happened. However, in spite of all these things, I found time to think of you and the joy that is in my heart because of your precious love and devotion to Christ, which is everything to me because we are one in Christ.

I got up early this morning and wrote a letter to my father, I haven’t heard from him for some time but I decided to write him anyhow and tell him that you had sent him the money but the letter had been mis-sent for some reason or other. Darling, I wish I could be with you when he is back there for the visit. I am thankful unto our God for you because I know you will be so good to him in every way and will do everything to make him feel happy and at home. I wish there were some way to describe to you how much comfort it is to me to know you are such a good wife who will be Christian in everything you do.

Raymond and I then went up to the Infantry area to see a man there who wanted to see me about a problem that was bothering him. While there, we also saw another man about something that was bothering him. Eventually, we arrived at the Air Base, and while up that way I tried to find out if any answer had come in on the two radiograms I had sent out on behalf of the soldiers who needed help. I’m sorry to say nothing came in today and I do hope there will be something on these cases tomorrow, after all, I can appreciate how hard it must be on them wondering about their loved ones. You feel so helpless and lonesome under such circumstances.

Willis Reed (Right) with his assistant Raymond Cox.

After dinner Captain Wilkinson and I went down to the native village to deliver a message to them. The natives have heard that I will not be here much longer and they presented me with seven more necklaces. Mofete made a beautiful necklace and two bracelets of tiger shells to match. Dear, they are really beautiful. He asked me to send them especially to you as his expression of thanks for what I have meant to him and his work with the men. Darling, it was such a blessing and benediction to my heart. And just before Captain Wilkinson and I left, Mofete asked me if he could have a picture of you so he could show it to his wife. Wasn’t that sweet of him? It is so wonderful to know what the Lord is able to do through individuals if they will give him the opportunity. I can see now that I will have to mail another box off to you. That is a box of shells and so on. Dear, I will not tell you of all the things they told me, first of all, I would have rather had you hear it in person, but someday perhaps we can be together again and I will try to tell you all about it.

I did a little more reading and studying and sorting before suppertime, and of course I had a good old brackish water shower which is refreshing to a certain extent after being so warm. Raymond and I left for the service at the Air Base. There were seven in attendance this evening, there would have been more but some of them had to work. However, with our small group we had a most enjoyable time. I taught them the chorus, “He is so Precious to Me.” After the singing of the three verses, I asked them the two questions in the chorus, (1) why do you sing about Jesus? (2) why is He so precious to you? On this theme we started our testimonies, all of them were very good. I concluded the testimonies and gave a devotional and then we concluded the meeting with prayer.

Captain Wilkinson and I went up to the Air Base later to see a plane come in. It had a very few pounds of mail aboard but we will not get it until sometime tomorrow. I do hope there is a letter or two from you in the bag for me. I failed to mention earlier in this letter that Captain Wilkinson gave me some shots this morning. Now I’m all set again unless I have to go into an area where they have cholera. I have felt rather unpleasant all afternoon and evening but that is to be expected after the shots I had.

Your letter of the 18th was beautiful and it meant a whole lot to me. I read it over and now I will answer a few of your questions. You mentioned a winter coat, that really sounds like cold weather is near back there. Remember Dear, if you need a new winter coat do not hesitate to buy it, for after all, I want all of your needs to be supplied. As you said, the old coat will be all right for going to school.

I think it was very sweet and thoughtful of you to make a nice little hat for Mrs. Paul. I’m sure she will be happy with it.

That is certainly unfortunate about Vic Larson, but I can easily understand it after having seen some of the things I have since being out this way. I hope he will soon recover.

Darling, it is morning right now, so I’ll have to close and write more to you this evening. What I meant to say is that it is tomorrow now, very early. God bless you Beloved and remember you grow more precious every passing day. Give my love to the folks.

Always and forever yours in 

the Love of Christ Jesus,


Colossians 3:3

P.S. You will find 14 more pictures enclosed in this letter.

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