November 28, 1945

Seoul, Korea

28 November 1945

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

Words are not adequate to describe how happy I was to receive two more of your precious letters. They were you are as of November 12th and 15th. I’m missing yours of the 11th and 13th. Perhaps they will arrive in the next few days. Lover, those letters certainly refueled me as only anything you have to do with refuels me. Thank you, Lover, for being such a wonderful wife to me in every way. I also got a letter from Mr. Abernathy, Dolores Nelson, two from Connie, the Secret Place and Louise Davis. Louise sent some very nice snapshots of Marguerite’s wedding, I’ll forward them to you right away so you will be able to see them, for I’m sure you will enjoy seeing them. By the way, the two pictures you enclosed in your letter of the 15th are grand and that close up of you is very good. Your diamond shows up very well. And the one of you and Mom in your little gifts here from Korea is very good also.

Thanksgiving Mother And Son Peeling Potatoes 1945 Painting by Norman Rockwell

By the way, I also got some material from the Publication Society and also the Goodspeed Bibles from the young people at First Church of Long Beach. And I also had two Lexington Unit Journals.

  This morning I spent most of the time going around visiting the various men to become acquainted with them and tell them about the service we are going to start having every Thursday evening beginning tomorrow evening. It will be a midweek service. The chaplain who preceded me only had one service on Sunday morning at 10. In brief, what a chaplain. I’ll tell you about it when we are together.

  About an hour before noon I devoted the time to study and devotions, as well as preparing my message for tomorrow evening. I was still unable to get situated in what will be my permanent office because they still have some things to move.

  As soon as I had my dinner I left here for the old 184th Infantry to see if I had any mail and if Don’s orders had come through. By the way, you’ll be interested to know that I have my own Jeep now and do my own driving. It was certainly a cold miserable ride but it was more than worth it when I found your wonderful letters awaiting me. When I arrived over there I was very sorry to find that Don’s orders were not yet there so I was unable to bring him back here with me. However, we did have a good visit and I was able to get back here around 4:30. Immediately I read your good letters then I had my evening meal. It was a pretty good meal.

  I came right back here and read your letters over once more and then read the other letters. Bill Moore, a very fine Christian young man, is leaving early tomorrow morning for the USA so we visited for almost 3 hours. As a result, it was very late. He is a marvelous Christian and I know the Lord will use him. I only wish there were many more like him. Please keep this work especially in mind as we start our work here. Well Lover, I will close for tonight. God bless you and the folks in all things.

 Forever just yours in Christ’s love which

makes us one,


Colossians 3:3

 P.S. Enclosed find the four pictures of Marguerite’s wedding. Please inform our friends of my new address. Thank you, Sweetheart.

 By the way, Mrs. Abernathy asked me to join their Legion post.  I can do it while over here so you make arrangements for membership. It costs $2.50 a year. Have publications sent to our Chicago address. He will take care of it for us.

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