November 27, 1945

Seoul, Korea

27 November 1945

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

Well, 5 years ago tonight you set my heart at ease by saying, “ yes.”  If you remember I asked you on the 25th but you said, “ I’ll tell you later after I think it over.”  Those were two very long days. It was so good to have your blessed promise, Dear. I just wish there were some way to tell you just how much you mean to me. Darling, you have brought nothing but pure joy into my life. Do you remember the night when I asked the folks if it were all right with them? Remember it was in the hall, and do you remember what the Chief said?

General George C. Marshall in China to oversee the end of hostilities. November 27, 1945.

  Because of changes being made here I was unable to get situated permanently today but I spent most of the day becoming acquainted with the different ones around the hospital. Around three I came here to my room and studied until after 5. I had my devotions and then started to read a book which Don gave me entitled, “Christian Church X-rayed.”  From what I read, it sounds like a very good book.

  After having had my supper I decided to wash out some of my clothes which took some time. Later, I looked for a very fine Christian sergeant who has been with the hospital ever since activation. He is supposed to leave day after tomorrow. We had a very fine visit and he told me all about the Protestant chaplain who preceded me here in this hospital. I shall not go into detail now. It will be better to talk it over when we are together. Lover, please pray especially for this work here. I’m hoping to be able to give them something to think about. By the way, they have around 100 nurses here. Remember what I told you that Betty Jean Rothenberg told me on Okinawa? I’ve been here a little over twenty-four hours and many things are as she indicated I can see.

  It was the most beautiful day, the sun shone brightly but it was just sharp enough to make you feel good when out in the open. According to the news reports, they got some bad snowstorms back in the States. I believe I heard someone say they had snow in Northern Illinois so that means probably you had some in Chicago.

  Of course being over here made me miss your letters, that is if there happened to be any mail came in over at the old 184th Infantry. I’m hoping to get over there tomorrow if possible, then I can pick up my mail if there is any. 

Darling, I have just returned from our Chapel – 8 of the men gathered there with me and we sang chourses and some of the old favorite hymns.

  I had wanted to write you a longer letter tonight but it is very late and I am tired so I’m going to retire for tonight. God bless you Lover in all things.

In Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3

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