November 26, 1945

Seoul, Korea

26 November 1945

Sarah, My Beloved Darling Sweetheart:

Well, here I am over at my new assignment the 29th General Hospital (APO #901). It just doesn’t seem true that I’m no longer with the good old 7th Division. I find that it was of great privilege to have been a member of that outfit. The Division has some wonderful records and a greater portion of them were earned in the Philippines and Okinawa.

  The thing that made me the happiest was as the arrival of one of your wonderful letters. It was yours of November 14th. Yours of the 11th, 12th, and 13th are still missing. Lover, that letter helped me so much after missing a few days without mail. These letters reached me just before leaving the 184th at around 3. I also received Mom’s wonderful letter. The letters are always so very fine. It made me glad to know she like the little jacket which I was able to send her from Korea. She told me all about the new seed corn edition which Kenyon is adding to his present setup.

Mr. and Mrs. Mantey. February, 1945. From Willis’ scrapbook that he kept during the war.

  I also get a very fine letter from Dr. Mantey written during his New Testament class period. He was giving his class a memory verse test. He is certainly a fine man and I do love both Dr. and Mrs. Mantey. I also got a card from Louise Davis, she sent it on their trip (vacation) to Oklahoma. By the way, Dr. Manty enclosed a clipping about Divisions which were deactivated by October 31st and the others to be deactivated soon. In reading it over, I found that the 7th (Armored)  Division is to be deactivated, not the 7th Infantry Division. In reading it over I imagine he failed to notice Armored instead of Infantry and took it for granted that it was our Division. When you see him be sure to inform him that I’ll try to get a letter off to him as soon as possible.

 I got up very early this morning and went down to the old Chaplain’s office and started to get everything packed for my move over here. Don helped me and we sorted through most of the things, throwing away those things which will be of little value to us. We finished with the things down there about 10:30 and then went over to my quarters and packed my things over there. By the time we finished that job it was time to eat. Having had dinner, I bid many old friends goodbye and a little later left for Division Headquarters to sign out and get my classification card and papers. Then we picked up our equipment in the Jeep and trailer and made the trip over here. Chaplain Wells and Don came along with me. It was a few minutes after 4 when we arrived and somewhat later I had my supper and then came back up here to fix up my bed for the night. I also arranged my books and other equipment until I find out for sure where I’ll be located.

  For some reason or other I’m very tired and weary tonight and I’m going to try to get a good night’s sleep. I’m glad to tell you that I think I can avoid being promoted to a Major even though I am to be filling such a position. That helps as far as I’m concerned. My, I can see this is easily going to be the finest set up I’ve ever had since being in the chaplaincy. Now being assigned to a general hospital will give me experience with almost every branch of service in the work of chaplain. Now that it is over, I wouldn’t take anything for my combat experience but I wouldn’t go through it again if a man would give me $1,000,000. I’m certainly surprised to know that I was picked over so many other chaplains. Chaplain Wells when leaving this afternoon said I was the luckiest chaplain he ever saw and he felt I certainly deserved such an opportunity. Our Regimental Colonel was very gracious as were many others. Some of them did some very kind things in expressing their feelings in my leaving the 7th Division.

  You will be interested to know that I already have papers started through on Don. I’m certainly hoping I can get him over here. It has been rather cold today.

  Well Lover, it is very late and I must close for tonight. God bless you in all things, Beloved.

 Always just yours in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3

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