November 25, 1944

November 25, 1944

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

It is late and I am very tired but I do want to take a few minutes and talk to you about the joy that is in my heart because of the assurance I have because of your abiding love. As you will remember, I wrote last night’s letter to you around our little campfire. I slept in my bed roll and had quite a time keeping the land crabs from crawling inside with me. I had to get five different times to kill them. They can really bite hard but fortunately none bit me. The others slept on folding camp beds whereas I rolled my sleeping bag right out on the ground and slept.

We got up at daybreak and prepared our breakfast, look for shells for a little while and then started back for headquarters. It took us a little over two hours to get back here. I shaved, cleaned up some things and by that time it was almost time for us to have our dinner. Immediately following dinner, Captain Wilkinson and I went to the native village to get a quantity of shells (cowrie, mother of pearl) for one of the hospitals in Oahu. The Red Cross wrote to me this last week to see if I would get them for them. All the natives want in return is print goods which they will use for loin cloths.

It took quite some time to get them, but is soon as we could return to headquarters we did and Raymond and I created the things for shipment. They will leave here tomorrow by plane. They will help the men a lot in the hospital I am sure. For as you know, the men will be able to make some lovely things out of the mother of pearl shells.

After supper I did some things and now it is rather late, but I do want to make a few comments on your letters of November 11 and 13th. I read them over again this evening and they helped me more than I am able to adequately describe to you now. You asked me if I remember what happened four years ago on the 11th. I certainly do and I will never be able to forget it dear. I’m wondering if you remember what happened four years ago tonight? I do, how could I ever forget. You are such a wonderful wife and I am thankful to our Lord for you and all you are.

I was sorry to hear that Helen Kristy has been sick. It is unfortunate that he she had to drop her work at Northwestern University. I do hope that she will become settled about the soldiers she is supposedly in love with. I don’t know her as well as you do of course, but I do think she ought to be very careful about stepping out too hastily.

So Don Roose has slipped, things like that always make me very heavy hearted. Men are so very hard to win for Christ, and it is especially hard to see men who have made professions, , waste and fritter them away on things of the flesh and of this world. What was Dorothy’s last name before she married Don?

Darling, I understand and know just what you mean when you say you hate to see or hear of me going up to the front. And I am happy to know you have made it a definite matter of prayer. After all, I am not concerned about it also, and for this reason; you are the dearest of all to me and I want to come back to you. And I always want to be just yours. But as you said in your letter, the safest place in the world is the center of God’s will. Darling, I will try to do my my very best no matter where they may send me.

You wanted to know if Snookie is a police dog. Yes, she is and a mighty fine one. She was with us last night and kept watching over us the entire night.

Willis and Snookie. 1944.

You mentioned in your letter that Darlene and Connie might feel offended if I didn’t send them a necklace when I sent one to Mickey and Dolores. Dear, I thought about it at the time, but I only had two necklaces and decided to send it to them because they have been faithful and I thought it might encourage them to live closer than ever to Christ.

Please don’t bother about sending any Kodacolor film down here, because it is too difficult to work with under our conditions and besides, I don’t have a camera and they are not to plentiful here among the men.

Darling, some of my Christmas packages did arrive early, I agree but the one I want more than anything else will probably be held up for some time yet. And that is the one you sent me. Sweetheart, I am looking forward with great joy for the arrival of your picture. You are such a good wife. God be praised.

I was surprised to hear that your Christmas vacation begins on December 16 instead of December 23. I hope you have a good vacation and that you have some time to work on your thesis as you have planned. I have no idea where I may be at Christmas time, but I assure you wherever it may be I will be thinking of you and loving you much more than ever.

I was very much disappointed to hear what Lenny told Clem, I am not too surprised. It seems to me that he is in for a downfall and the sooner you come the better it will be for him and all involved. He has a tendency which may go in the wrong direction if he doesn’t watch his step with the things of this world. I’m sure you understand what I mean by that statement.

Well, Lover, I I’m going to tell you good night for now and may God richly bless you in all things.

Yours forever because we are one in 

His perfecting and Purifying Love,


Colossians 3:3

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  • John T Reed
    November 25, 2018, 3:36 am

    Good to see “Willie” with his Willys 🙂

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