November 25, 1943

Willis had no letter on the 25th, but wrote twice on the 26th. This is the first.

November 26, 1943

Very Early

Dearest  Darling:-

The two things I am most thankful for this morning, as I was yesterday, are you and the Lord Jesus Christ. And truly to me, that is not two, but one because you are so much a part of Christ. Lover, I love you so very much more than I can tell you.

I got home from Hollensteiner’s at about 10:30 PM and I was so very tired and for once it happened to be quiet around here so I decided to go to bed and get up earlier this morning in writing my letter to you dearest I got up early yesterday morning and went down to Hansen’s and we drove to Culver City to see one of my aunts (a sister of my father) who lives there.

Written on back: “Aunt Alma, Lee Welch. Thanksgiving Day 11/25/43”

We had a fine visit, then on the way back we stopped in La Meta to see an uncle of my fathers (my grandmother’s brother) who is retired, he is a grand old man and we also had a grand visit. We got back to Hansen’s around 2 o’clock and had a nice little lunch. Then I left for Hollensteiner’s where I had a most wonderful time. They are surely grand people. Mrs. Holly is better but she was in misery most of the time because she was unable to stand the light on her right eye. Their dinner was lovely. By the way, in that she was not well, they did not except the invitation they had it, but stayed home. We talked of you on many occasions (as you know dearest, even the mention of your name makes me thankful and happy to our Heavenly Father for your wonderful, glorious love). They send their love and best wishes to you and are hoping to be able to meet you someday.

It was good to hear that you went over the top and in raising the money for the new church building. God be praised. Thanks for all the news you sent from Doris and Sarah. The victory singers from Moody must have been good I would have been glad to hear them. Dear, I have never heard the song,” Did you ever try to Bear your Burdens all Alone”? Well Sweetheart, today promises to be a very busy day and I must close and do a little reading from the Word of Life.

Remember, I love you more than words can ever tell you you are such a wonderful darling sweetheart.

Forever your husband to be in his love,



Phil 1:3

Col 3:3

Deut 29:29

2 thoughts on “November 25, 1943

  • Caroline Schoch
    November 25, 2017, 5:03 pm

    I feel that the above picture is a picture of Willis father’s (Earl) sister Elma Reed and Husband Lee Welch or may be their son Emmett. Elma was the oldest daughter of James Willis Reed. Maybe I am wrong. Was there any names on this picture?

    • willisareed
      November 25, 2017, 6:24 pm

      You’re right! On the back it says Aunt Alma and Lee Welch. Fantastic identification, Caroline!

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