November 2, 1944

November 2, 1944

 My Dearest Darling:

One more day has rolled into eternity and we are one day nearer being together, that is a blessed thought, isn’t it Dear? We didn’t have any mail today. I suppose we will be without mail a few more days. I am always grateful when we mail arrives for then I know there will be some letters for me. And your precious letters always make it a much brighter day. Won’t it be grand when we can talk things over like we used to do? Some of the happiest moments of my life have been those times when we were together talking over the things that were near to our heart. Ever since we first met I have enjoyed being in your presence and there has never been a thing in my mind or heart that I would not want you to know. In fact, I always found a source of joy and mutual understanding when I talked these things over with you. You were always so good to listen and give your impressions.

Early this morning, I wrote a letter to Jack and Bertha. After breakfast, I came back to my quarters to work on some things that I have wanted to do for some time. In the meantime, Timete came in to see me. So I visited with him for a while. Get me Wilkinson’s jeep is on the dead line so I had Raymond take him out on the trip he had to make this morning. I kept working away at my job until noon, and after dinner I worked on it until almost 2:30. It seems I accomplished very little but I did do my best and will hope to finish in the next few days. If I keep doing a little each day, I ought to be able to finish this job of straightening up. You know how it is when you are looking through things and trying to decide what to throw away and what to save. Every once in a while I would find something that looked interesting and it would take longer as you can easily understand. I just don’t have enough time to read all the things I would like.

As soon as it was dark we returned to our quarters and I wrote a letter to Bob Peterson and another letter to Marguerite Simonian of the Tremont Temple in Boston. I think “My Utmost” was very very good for yesterday and today.

At 2:30 Captain Wilkinson and I left here to take care of some things he wanted to do. We arrived back here just in time for supper. After supper we decided to take a walk along the shore, we found several interesting shells. When I send them home in the next box to you I will enclose these shells for you. The sunset this evening was really beautiful. This sky was a mass of gold, and right over our heads were some filmy transparent clouds that picked up the golden hue.

Dear, I am very tired so I think I will close for tonight and may God richly bless you and your work at school. I love you more than ever, Dear. Be sure to greet Abernathy’s for me when you see them.

Always and forever just yours in the 

Love of Christ,


P.S. Enclosed you will find some pictures and negatives. Dear, do you know a fellow in the seminary by the name of Charles Lewis Kau? If you do, what kind a fellow does he seem to be?

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