November 19, 1945

Seoul, Korea

19 November 1945

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

This has been one of those days which you feel that very little has been accomplished. It has been a long and very tiresome to say the least. Late this afternoon they brought in the box which you mailed on the 25th of September. I have had three of the cookies so far and they are so very good and came through retaining their freshness. I could taste your love each one of them, Dear. By the way, what kind of cookies are they? I’ve been trying to figure out what kind they are, they seem to have a grape flavoring of some kind. They are good and they are the best cookies we have had so far, mainly because they made such good time coming through.

  Dear, I have just finished reading your last letters again and they helped me a lot. As you say, letters at their best cannot even scratch the surface when it comes to the joy and the blessing which has always been mine when we just talk like we used to do when we were together. It will be so very good to hold you in my arms again. Well, at least we are one day nearer the time when we can be together again.

  This morning I wasn’t able to accomplish all I had wanted to because of the interruptions which took place. However, just before dinner, I did manage to get a letter off to my father. Having had my dinner, I came back over here and found that there was a Red Cross case awaiting me, that took quite some time. I don’t know how some people can get into such terrible messes. It is especially hard when little children are involved as was true in this case which I handled this afternoon.

  I had my devotions, then studied for a while. I thought for a while that it might snow today. The air felt like snow and we had quite an overcast, but just before sundown it broke and cleared up.  Now the nice full moon is floating gallantly through the sky. I suppose you looked at it a few hours ago in the good old USA.

  Darling, in your last letter you mentioned about the Sunday of Sacrifice which is December 2nd. I am fully in accord with your idea of giving $50 this year. Our denomination has done a noble piece of work with their ministry money in spite of what some of the Brethren may think, and such a gift would be a wise investment of the Lord’s money I’m sure. Thank you, Darling, for reminding me about it. I hope North Shore will more than reach their goal of $12,000. So many people miss the blessing that comes with tithing.

Timete – Native Overseer, Willis and Mofete – native Pastor.

This evening I came over here and decided to try and write some letters before starting your letter. As a result, I wrote a letter to Temete,  Beverly and Doris Reed, my cousins; and to Captain Wilkinson. I haven’t heard from him for a long time now so I decided to drop him a short note.

  I still have a lot of letters to answer but I’ll try to answer a few each day and then that way I won’t get too far behind. That poor mail service there for awhile really through everything off and when my mail did start coming in I got so much at a time I couldn’t keep up with it.

  I was glad to hear that Whitesell told the Brethren about seeking ordination in the NBC and then pulling out. I have known a number that have done just that, and personally, I don’t think it is very good. You know my old saying about rats aboard the ship.

  The little flower-shaped bowl which you bought for Margie sounded very nice and I’m sure you picked something very nice for you do have good taste. I’m also glad to know that Margie is better now.

  From what you told me in your letter you must have had a very nice visit with my cousin Jim. He is a very fine young man and is planning to prepare for the ministry. As soon as I answer his letter I’ll send it on for you to read. I would like to be able to drop in and visit some of the folks out in Nebraska.

  It was good to hear that you had a nice visit with Mrs. Norris and that all of them are well. They’re such wonderful friends and I’m hoping to be able to see them when I return. I shall never forget her kindness to me. By the way, now that Charlie Mosher is back in the States I suppose Nettie is with him. I wrote to both of them some time ago but never did receive a reply. Perhaps when you see Vivian she will be able to tell you where they are located now. If I remember correctly, I didn’t include their name on our Christmas letter list, so be sure to ask Vivian about their address and if you find out what it is, send is a long to me also. I’m wondering where Charlie is assigned now?

  Well Beloved, it is so late and I’m tired so I think I will close for tonight hoping that it won’t be too much longer until I’ll not have to write letters to you and that because I’ll be with you.

 Forever just yours, Beloved

 because we are one forever in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3

 P.S. Enclosed find the tweet picture which you sent in your last letter. (I wuv you more dan forever and I said it wast).

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  • John T Reed
    November 19, 2019, 3:28 am

    “I could taste your love each one of them, Dear. By the way, what kind of cookies are they?” Well, it’s obvious–they are love cookies! 🙂

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