November 19, 1943

November 19, 1943

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:-

I’m up long before any of the other officers this morning in order to write you Dear, and also to have a little time for prayer and quiet.

Darling, your letter yesterday was indeed very sweet and it expressed in so many ways how I feel about you. I love you so.

Yesterday was a very full day and by 11:30 last night I was very tired.

I left here early to go to 220th  Headquarters to see the soldier that Captain Smith called up about the night before. I was able to talk to him about 40 minutes before they took him away to try him before a General Court Martial. I’ll probably not get to see him again because they will ship him right out after his trial. Drinking is the contributing factor to his trouble. And as you know, alcohol always supports a group of other vices and sins.

Long Beach California

He has been A.W.O.L. four times and a week ago was caught with a woman in a hotel in Long Beach registered as man and wife. Well, I talked frankly with him about such things, and he said he was sorry etc., and found out during the investigation that the woman was married to another. I will not try to tell you what I asked him and told him because it just hurts me beyond words to see how men will pitch themselves into all kinds of sin, even to the extent of smashing and deforming the most beautiful and sacred relationship between man and woman.

One of the things he said to me I’ll never forget is this, “There are 150 some men in our Headquarters and I only know 2 who neither drink nor smoke. And then this, a certain Chaplain who was called upon to help him the first time he got into trouble being A.W.O.L. told him this, “It’s OK to drink a little (in fact, I do myself) but you got to know how to handle it.” A great help to a young man without Christ isn’t it? More concerned about telling him how to handle his drinking then to lead him to Christ. The young man said to me he had seen so many Chaplains (who were supposed to be good, and examples) smoke and drink. He didn’t see anything wrong with it if they didn’t. Of course Dear, he was seeking to cover up and hide behind someone else’s sins. But sad to say I’ve contacted several Chaplains who are surely defaming the cause of Christ by their lives in the pink tea messages they give their men. Please don’t misunderstand Lover, no one knows anymore than I do the fact of my own sins and hindrances to the gospel, just pray that I’ll be willing to let the Lord purify my whole life. This is surely a godless age in which we are living. I was talking to another Chaplain from Terminal Island yesterday and he has been in the Army a year and he says he has failed to see the return of men to the church and revived lives. They maybe are in a few places but he, as I, works hard and has little results. There is so much godless living among our personnel around here that no soldier finds a challenge to his life to live clean. I was only able to talk briefly to the soldier about his soul, but I had several good tracts to give him to read.

After this conference with the young man, I went to Redondo Beach to see one of our batteries fire the 90 mm high-altitude anti aircraft guns. It was late when we got back for dinner, so after grabbing a snack to eat I left for the hospital at Fort MacArthur. We have several new men in the hospital, with everything from a crashed foot to severe burns caused by an exploding gas stove.

After we had supper, some of the men wanted me to go and play basketball with them which I did.

Thanks for enclosing the clipping of Wesley, it surely doesn’t do him justice. Yes Dear, I agree with you. Wesley is one of the grandest men I know. He is very capable and still so very very humble. Please greet him and the whole family and give them my love.

I am glad to know that your missionary friend is safe and on her way back to this country.

Concerning Bob and what your mother said to Kittie, Dear, maybe it’s because she is worrying over the influence O’Hare and his crazy teaching has over Bob. You know how absolutely confusing so many of his teachings are. Maybe she thinks Bob is mixed up for that reason. Lover, why don’t you try to get his girlfriend to go to North Shore Baptist some time with you?

Today also promises to be a very busy day. So I’ll close now and do some reading and meditating while it is still quiet. Dearest, I love you so. God bless you and keep you.

Forever and ever yours in His Love,



Phil 1:3

Col 3:3

Ephesians 1:17-23

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