November 16, 1945

Seoul, Korea

16 November 1945

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

It is very late and I am tired but I want to talk to you and love you for a few moments before I try to get some sleep. First of all, I was made happy with the arrival of your letters of November 4th and 5th. They were so good and helped me so much after this long tiresome and wearing day. Your one of the first of November is still missing, but I’m thankful you received the flowers, for you mentioned them in your letter of the fifth so I take it that you received them all right on the 1st of November which was the fifth anniversary of our meeting each other. And then just a few minutes ago I came back here to my desk and found your long-missing letter of August 22nd. Even though it was old it was certainly good to have it to read because every one of your letters are very precious to me and I actually live from day to day for their arrival. In that old mail was also a letter from Mil written on the 22nd of August. I also got a nice letter from Marguerite Simonian, my Grandmother and my cousin Jim. He is now busy in his laundry school in Washington. I also received a box from Connie, it was six cans of Planter’s peanuts. They had been mailed from San Francisco, so I suppose Wayne must have been out there and started them on their way to me out here in Korea. The postmark on them was October 9th so you can see they made very good time.

  I came down here early this morning hoping to get a lot accomplished, mainly getting everything planned for my service Sunday morning, but due to some problem cases to handle that took most of the morning. And then just about 11:30 we had one of our men fall under one of our heavy trucks, he didn’t last more than 5 or 10 minutes. He was unconscious all the time so never suffered any pain. The wheels passed right over his head. Immediately following dinner I got in touch with Chaplain Wells and told him about the accident, for the man was from one of his companies. I showed him how to conduct a military funeral and helped make the necessary arrangements. By the time we drove over to the place where they prepare the bodies for burial and returned, it was rather late but I studied until time to eat and having had something to eat I came back over here and studied for Bible class this evening. We had a fine time this evening, there were 27 in attendance. We got down through the 15th verse of the 14th chapter. After that we had a song service and testimony meeting which lasted about half an hour. We used the chorus books which I have and the men seemed to enjoy the choruses very much.

Willis at his office with his puppy “Route Step.”

By the way, this afternoon I bought another pair of boots, the other pair I had were in pretty poor condition and I also got some ski socks to wear with them when it gets real cold. Darling, I’m sorry you got so wrought up over the rumor which you heard about ships on the way to evacuate the troops from Korea to be home by Christmas. It is true that they are evacuating some high point men who will be home by Christmas, but not all the troops. Don’t pay too much attention to all the rumors you hear over the radio or in the newspapers. Darling, if I thought they were a possibility that I would be home for Christmas I would tell you so, but I know there isn’t so don’t unconsciously build up your hopes. As things are now, there is a possibility that I might leave here some time in March, and as changeable as things are in the Army, with very good luck I might start home sometime in February. As I said last night, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to be home for your birthday at the latest. But don’t count on that too much either for that may not come to pass but I assure you that I’m going to pull all the strings I can to try and be home by that time. As for me the sooner the better. I’m glad you are working hard on your thesis and trying to get it out of the way as soon as possible. If you can get it out of the way in January, I think it would be a good idea, but please don’t overwork yourself, after all it isn’t worth that much. I hope you have it out of the way when I get home though because I think it will be much better for both of us to have it out of the way.

  Don knows the minister of the Gospel Temple in Joliet and had told the minister about me in other letters. Today he received a letter from him asking if I would conduct a week or two of meetings for their Church prior to Easter, or if not then sometime shortly after my return to the States. That was something and I will not be able to give a very definite answer until I have a little better idea of when I might be on my way back to the States. Remember Darling, as soon as I know something which would indicate when I might return I’ll let you know right away, so please don’t count on any of these rumors you might hear back there. Remember, all the things you hear back there which are supposed to be official releases from the War Department do not necessarily apply out here in Korea.

  You know Dear, that is what I would like to do for a while when I returned to the States, speak in different churches until we see or feel call the definitely to some specific place or work. I’ll want to be a week or so just with you and then I want to get into the harness. Right now I know I will not be able to sit still very long. Well Sweetheart, it is time for your sweetie to be in bed so good night, and remember, I love you more than ever and ever and ever. God bless you and the folks in all things is my earnest prayer.

 Forever just yours in Christ’s

 Changeless  purifying love,


 Colossians 3:3

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