November 15, 1945

Seoul, Korea

14 November 1945

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

It is late and I am very tired after the events of this day and I’m going to try and get a good night’s sleep and maybe I will feel better tomorrow. We got up early this morning and had breakfast and then started our drive back here to Regimental Headquarters. The road was very rough and it was very cold so that didn’t help very much. It was almost noon by the time we got back here and words cannot tell you how good it was to have that long rough trip behind me. I was happy to find you a good letter of November 3rd waiting for me. I’ve read it over three times already. I also got a very fine 12 page letter from John Mueller, as soon as I answer it I will send it on to you so you can read it. It was a very good letter telling about the State Convention. John is certainly interested in such things, and as you will see from his letter, he is very observing. There was the North Shore Baptist and Guide for one of the Sundays in October as well as the Beacon from Long Beach.

Bob Hope and troupe with Willis. July 1944

  By the time I had read these letters it was time to go and eat dinner. Having had my dinner, I came back over here and started to have my devotions when I was called about a certain case. I cannot go into detail now, but in brief, it is a mess and there is so little one can really do. However, I have called the Division psychiatrist in on the case so maybe together we can do something about the situation. That situation alone took up over two hours of the afternoon. I hope we can get this thing straightened out. It is better for men like him to be out of the Army, it is bad enough as it is. I had two other cases to handle so that took up nearly all my time until time to eat again. Don and I had our supper together and then I came back right over here to the office and studied until time for our midweek service. Now that I have to go away out to that one group on Wednesday night, I’ve decided to have our midweek service on Thursday evening. One of the fine young Christian men takes care of leading the Bible class discussion on Wednesday nights now here at Regimental Headquarters. I want to keep that Bible class going four nights a week, then that way we will be able to accomplish more. There were only twelve in attendance this evening, that was very low and I don’t know just the reason. I spoke on the 31st chapter of Isaiah.

  As soon as the service was over this evening, I had intended on coming over here and writing you a letter but I was interrupted by visitors and then finally when I got started the lights went out for a while for some reason or other. It has been cloudy, windy and cold all day. Late this afternoon it sprinkled on several occasions. There were no planes today so that means we will be without mail for a while. They tell us there is a snow storm raging between here and Tokyo. By the way, I’m missing your letter of November 1st. I do hope it isn’t lost, for remember, that was the fifth anniversary of our first meeting. How thankful I am to the Lord for you and your wonderful love and life. Darling, you are an inspiration and challenge to me in every way.

  I had hopes that it would be light enough to take a few pictures on our way back here this morning, but it was very dark and cloudy and with only two films I want to make every picture count if at all possible. There will probably be some nice days and then I’ll get some good pictures for us. I do hope you will be able to get some more film through to me in a hurry. That was a very thoughtful present, Dear. Thank you so very much. I love you more than ever forever.

  By the way Darling, being down to Suwan overnight I was unable to mail last night’s letter so I will enclose it with my letter of tonight. That is very good of the Chief to think and feel convinced that I’ll be home for Christmas, but in spite of his conviction I know I will be here for Christmas and probably until sometime in the month of March. However, remember, I will keep you informed if something better in the line of news should happen to come up. It would certainly be wonderful to be together, but the Lord willing, we will be together for Christmas 1946. It is my prayer and hope that I’ll be home in time for your birthday, but we shall see.

  I was surprised to hear about you meeting Bill Bisgaard at the Seminary. He wasn’t overseas very long it seems to me. In fact, it doesn’t seem to me that he has been in the chaplaincy more than a year and a half.

  From what you told me in your letter, you must have had a wonderful time at the Scheus.  I think so much of them and hope we can have a good visit when I return. I’m so thankful that John and Mr. Scheu drove you home, that was a long way for them but it really makes me happy to know of their thoughtfulness and being so considerate of my Sweetheart. So Susan has changed a lot. I know that John and Iris must be very happy with the children. It is nice to have a boy and a girl. I’m looking forward so much to a family of our own. I was glad to hear that Mrs. Duncan is feeling so well.

  Darling, in that it is very late and I’m pretty weary after yesterday and today, I think I will close for tonight. God bless you and the folks in all things is my earnest prayer.

 I’m only yours Dear, for all the

 ages in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3

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