November 15, 1944

November 15, 1944

My Beloved Darling Wife:

I have just finished reading over some of your last letters and they were even dearer to my heart at this reading than the first time I read them. I’m certainly grateful to our God for the assurance we have of each other’s love. It will be so good to be together again and work and plan things as we used to do. Often I am reminded of the good talks we had have had together with Paul and Gen. Do you still remember the good talk we had before I left you the last time? As long as I live I will never forget the expression on your face and the absolute sincerity that gleamed in your beautiful eyes. Always I will remember these words spoken by you on that occasion, “Willie, I am just yours forever and ever and I shall never want to love another, for our love is one in Christ.” Many a night out here on this lonely coral atoll I have recalled that wonderful assurance and it has and will continue to help me along.

The first thing this morning, Captain Wilkinson, Raymond and I went to the Air Base. I wanted to see the commanding officer about some things. While there, I found out that the young man I told you about in yesterday’s letter has been granted 15 days emergency furlough with travel time. He will leave here by the next plane that leaves the island. We also visited with a couple other officers while up that way.

As soon as we finished up there, we left for the native village to see about the young native. He is still living, but in a very serious condition. Captain Wilkinson is doing all in his power to help the young man, but it seems there is little chance, unless there is a definite change.

On the way back from the native village we stopped by the farm to see the men. They are all getting along very well. By the time we arrived here at headquarters, it was time to eat our dinner. Which is better than usual. As soon as we had finished dinner, I came to my quarters and did some more reading. By the way, I think the readings in “My Utmost” for yesterday and today were really very good. His writing really provokes real thinking, doesn’t it Dear?

After supper this evening we played some ball. We had a lot of fun and it was good exercise. We lost by a score of 7 to 6. By the way, we really had a beautiful sunset this evening. There were a few flaky white clouds which turned almost every color you can think of. There were some large palm trees off in the distance which made it a beautiful setting.

The men come out to watch baseball on Christmas Island. 1944.

It was very hot again today, we are fortunate to have a breeze this evening that will help our sleeping I’m sure. Darling, there are many things in my heart that I would like to tell you, but to best understand them we must be together to talk about them.

It isn’t as late as usual, but I’m going to take the opportunity to go to bed just a little bit earlier. Sweetheart, I have it said it so many times, but still to me it grows more precious with each saying; and that is this, “I love you more each and every passing hour and it is because of your wonderful love and companionship in our Lord Jesus Christ.” Be sure to give my love to the folks.

Only yours forever in His Love,


Colossians 3:3

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