November 14, 1944

November 14, 1944

 Sarah, My Darling Wife:

Well, another day has gone by without the arrival of any mail. Mail means more than anything I can think of. After having a day like this one has been, mail is about the only thing that could help you feel better. Darling, I am so grateful to God for the privilege I have an always and forever being just yours.

Just after finishing your letter this morning, a radiogram came in for me concerning a soldier’s mother who is critically ill. Raymond and I left here as soon as possible for the Air Base. In about 1/2 hour I had been able to make arrangements for an emergency furlough for him. Now, if we have a plane soon he will be back in the States perhaps to see his mother alive. It is easier to do that for men connected with the Air Corps. We who are connected with the ground forces are almost always limited to travel by ship. I’m telling you Dear, there are really some heartbreaking stories for me to take care of. This isn’t a combat zone, but there are problems here that at times seem unbelievable.

As soon as we could return from the Air Base, we picked up Captain Wilkinson over at the hospital and left for the native village to see the young native who is so seriously ill. He is still in the coma. We returned from there again about an hour ago.

Immediately following dinner we left for the dock area to go out to the ship. And then later this afternoon, Captain Wilkinson performed a minor operation on the neck of one of the soldiers.

Willis visits with the men on the ship.

After the operation, I came back to my quarters and read some of my devotional material. I stretched out on my bed for a few minutes before supper, I am really tired. I didn’t have much sleep last night so I’m going to bed a little bit earlier tonight.

As I said above, Captain Wilkinson and I left for the native village right after supper. We stayed with the native until almost 9 o’clock and then we returned to headquarters. I wrote a letter to Betty Weiskoph and the Galilean Class to thank them for the nice Christmas package they sent to me. They surely have a good class, I only wish there were more like them.

Well Dearest, I am going to close for tonight and may God richly bless you in all things. I love you with all my heart and every day only seems to make me realize what a good wife you are.

Yours forever in the Love of Christ,


Colossians 3:3

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