November 13, 1945

Seoul, Korea

13 November 1945

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

Well, it is very late but I have just finished a good long talk with one of the officers about Christ. He is a very fine fellow and wanted to ask me a lot of questions, so I took the time to visit with him even though I did want to write your letter and try to get to bed early.

  Early this morning I took care of some things that needed attention and then wrote a letter to Louise Davis and also a letter to Paul and Gen. I made up an envelope of letters and sent them through free to you, for I thought you would like to read them.

  And just before noon I was made glad with the arrival of your letters of October 30th and November 2nd. It was so good to have more mail from you, Darling. I have already read those letters twice and will read them several more times I’m sure. I also received a very nice letter from Mr. and Mrs. Hanson. I will send it on to you as soon as I answer it.

Willis’ Christmas gift.

  This afternoon several men came in to see me and then I took care of some writing up one involved case. Shortly before time to eat, the mail clerk brought up your Christmas box which was mailed on October 2nd. I opened it and to my utter surprise and joy I found the camera. Darling, that is a very good present and I do hope that I will be able to get some good pictures. I’m going to do my best, but it is impossible to buy film over here so send me three or four rolls as soon as you can. For I want to take as many pictures as possible before I leave here for home. When you send the film be sure to send them first-class mail. Thank you, Sweetheart, for your thoughtfulness and I am happy for your present. I do hope I can get enough pictures to give you a good idea of the landscape and certain customs here in Korea. Be sure that the film is V127 Kodak. Be sure to thank the folks for the candy and the nuts, I appreciate that very much. It was very thoughtful of them to remember me with such a gift at this season when we cannot be together.

  After having had my supper I came back to the office and studied for Bible class this evening. We got down through the 30th verse of the 13th chapter of John and we really had a blessed time. There were 20 men in attendance this evening. We went almost 20 minutes overtime, but no one noticed it. In fact, some of them wanted to go on but I feel it wise to hold it to a certain time limit and that way it will keep up a sustained interest, and then besides, men have letters to write and other things to do.

  When I came back here another soldier came in to see me and talked for some time. Finally, he left and then Lieutenant Dobson came in and talked to me as I mentioned at the beginning of this letter. You’ll be interested to know that Don came back late this afternoon and is feeling much better. It is certainly good to have him back.

  Darling, in your letter of October 30th you told me about Midge Wettering (Bennett, not Baker that is if I remember correctly). Ann married Eldon Baker. I will certainly sorry to hear about such news, I didn’t know Wally very well. I think it would be a good thing if you went to go see her when you can and have a good talk with her. I surely wish I could have a talk with her. If you do, be sure to assure her that I will be praying for her also for I know she has a great responsibility.

  Now for a few comments on your older letters. Yes Dear, they have been after me on four different occasions to accept another job and receive an immediate promotion to Major but they can keep their Gold Leaf. I want to get out of this Army as soon as possible and then I can be with you again Beloved and that is the very best thing I can think of now or ever.

It was certainly very cold this morning when we got up but by noon it had warmed up enough to be nice outside with a coat on. We are leaving very early in the morning so I’m inclined to believe it is really going to be a cold ride. I will not be here tomorrow night because it will be impossible to make that long trip in one day. I’m expecting to stay overnight at Suwan.  Well Darling, I’m very very weary so I think I will close for tonight. God bless you and the folks in all things.

 Always and forever just yours

 Beloved in Christ’s love,

Your “Willie”

Colossians 3:3

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