November 13, 1944

Tuesday Morning Early

November 14, 1944

My Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

I suppose you’ll be wondering why I didn’t write last night. It is so happened that about the time I was getting ready to write you, we got a call from the native village that one of the natives was very sick. Captain Wilkinson and I left here immediately to see what we could do for the young native, (he is only twenty-three years old). He is very very sick and may not pull through. Captain Wilkinson is unable to determine just what is his trouble. He had a very high temperature. I bathe him in alcohol while Captain Wilkinson prepared ice packs to place on his head. After that we fed him through the veins. We gave him 1000 cc of glucose. In a couple of hours we are going down to see him to see how he is getting along this morning. It was after midnight before we get back here, so I didn’t type this letter then because I was afraid I might awaken Lt. Clemments who lives in the quarters next to me.

Yesterday morning I did some studying and as soon as Captain Wilkinson was finished with his work in the hospital, Raymond and I took him to the native village to see about a couple of men down there who are sick. We arrived back here just in time for dinner. After dinner, I came back to my quarters and cleaned up all the shells I picked up here of late and what time was left of the afternoon I studied and did some more sorting and discarding of things which are not of much value.

Willis with the Natives who he loved as much as his men in the Army.

Yesterday, I completed 8 full months of duty on this island. A good many things have happened in that time. There are many things of interest and then there are a lot of things I would just assume be able to forget them forever. I have had the privilege of learning some things down here that will probably help us in years to come.

Sunday evening I was so tired after writing all the other letters I failed to mention the fact that while out on our Saturday evening fishing trip, I could not help but think that just 10 months ago on that evening you and I had parted. Saturday evening I crawled into my sleeping bag about 10:30. And while lying there on the ground, I looked up into the heavens a long time before going to sleep. I could not help but think of you and your wonderful love and companionship. As you know, there was no moon and the only light was from the light of the stars. I could not help but think of what David said about the heavens. The same stars were visible to you Dear, that is those over my head. I could see the Southern Cross on the southern horizon. If you could have been there we could’ve sat there with our arms around each other and talk like we used to about the stars, beautiful sunsets or any kind of beauty in nature.

We did not receive any mail yesterday and I have a feeling there won’t be any today either, which will mean nine days without mail. I think I will read some more of your letters over again this evening if some doesn’t come in. Lover, I shall close for now. I love you with my whole heart and life forever in the love of our Lord.

Forever yours in Christ’s Love,


Colossians 3:3

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