November 10, 1945

Seoul, Korea

10 November 1945

Sarah, My Dearest Darling:

This has been another one of those days and I’m really very weary but I want to get a letter off to you. Your good letter of October 31st reached me just a few minutes ago and it was so good to have a letter to read from you, Darling. Your letter of October 30th is missing, I hope it soon reaches me for I hate to miss any of your letters. From indications, your letter of August 22nd is gone for sure. Perhaps it is in Davy Jone’s locker. I have all of your letters filed away in folders but I hope that one shows up soon for so my file will be complete.

7th Division. Korea 1945.

  This has been a rounder of a day from the very beginning. I came down here to the office very early hoping to get things rounded up for the bulletin for tomorrow morning when two men came in to see me about some things. I had just finished with them when three more men came in to see me about some of their buddies who are supposedly in the area where the Japanese ammunition dump went up yesterday. I just about had the program finished when in came two more soldiers with a letter from the Adjutant General concerning a man lost in our battle in the Philippines. That took time, and as soon as possible Chaplain Phillips and I left for the meeting at Corps Headquarters. The meeting kept dragging on but nothing seemed to be accomplished so we left about 11:30 and went to the hospital to see our men. They have given the one injured the worst 4 pints of blood and so far he seems to be holding his own.

  As soon as my driver and I could get a bite to eat we left here for the area where the ammunition dump blew up. The last large explosion took place last night around midnight so we went in with a 25-man patrol and found the two missing men. Of course, they were killed instantly with the concussion of the first blast. It was an awful job because we had to pick our way through unexploded hand grenades, land mines, bombs, in fact, all kinds of ordinance. I don’t understand how the other three men ever got out alive. If that dump has started going off about 20 or 30 minutes later it probably would have killed about 40 or 50 men. They were on their way to work the dump when the dump started to explode. We will never know what started it off, high explosives are dangerous even at best. It was certainly a good feeling to get out of there. That area will be off-limits for now about a week until we will be sure of some of those other high explosives won’t start going off.

  After we got the bodies back to Headquarters, then I made arrangements to take them over to graves registration were they will be prepared for burial. Of course in the case of these two men the surgeon’s office will have an autopsy for the report which we will turn in through G-2. I made arrangements for the service Monday morning at 10 o’clock. I will have a double funeral for the two men. Just a few minutes ago I made arrangements for the pallbearers, the firing squad and the bugler. That is really a difficult problem now when we are so short of men and there are so many different posts for the man to take care of.

To top things off, when I returned here to Headquarters after getting everything arranged for Monday I found out that Don has been sent to the hospital. He said this morning he wasn’t feeling too well, and by the time he went to the doctor he wasn’t feeling at all well and he had a high temperature. We have very poor facilities here so the doctor sent him right to the hospital. I certainly hate to hear that he is sick and I haven’t had time to see him and probably won’t have until tomorrow afternoon. I’ll miss him in the services tomorrow. I only hope he comes along all right. He is really a wonderful assistant, a chaplain couldn’t hope to have a better man than Don.

  I had a bite to eat and then I hurried over to bible class this evening. We got down through the 17th verse of the 13th chapter. We had a very good time and there were 15 in attendance. Darling, I then came back here and tried to get the men lined up for the funerals on Monday and now it is very late. I wanted to get several other letters answered but it will be impossible tonight. I even wanted to make a few comments on some of your last letters but I had better not. The way everything has been the last week I haven’t had hardly any time to study for my message in the morning. I’m afraid I won’t do so well but I’ll try to get some sleep and that may help some. I always feel badly when I don’t have my message well prepared. I’ve been thinking about it for some time so that may help some.

By the way, it has been cloudy and often sprinkled during the day. It is still cloudy and getting rather cool. Good night Sweetheart and God bless you richly in all things is my prayer. Be sure to give the folks my love.

 Forever and ever just yours

 in the love of Our Lord

 Jesus Christ,


 Colossians 3:3 

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