November 1, 1945

Keijo (Seoul), Korea

1 November 1945

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

There was very little mail today for our whole Regiment. And fortunately, among that small bundle of letters was yours of October 20th. Now I have all of your letters up to October 21st with the exception of your letter for August 22nd. When I got up this morning, it was raining and did  so until about 10 o’clock this morning. It cleared up late this evening and now it is really getting cold. If it would have been this cold this morning, it would have probably been snowing instead of rain.

  Most all of my morning was spent taking care of a problem case and two follow up letters to ones who lost loved ones in the battle of Okinawa. And then just before dinner another court-martial case came up for me to look into. All I can say is, “What a mixed-up mess.”


News from November 1, 1945.

Shortly after eating my dinner, I came back over this way and stopped in on one of the barracks to visit with the men. I had not been there more than a minute when I was notified of a very serious incident in the next building. I will not go into detail now. That took a long time and certainly threw everything out of gear for a long while this afternoon. As soon as I could get away, I left here for the Division stockade to see a certain soldier. It was almost 4 o’clock before I got back here. I had my devotions and read some of my Bible. Shortly after that, Don and I left here to eat our evening meal. As soon as supper was over I came over here and studied for Bible class. There were 15 in class this evening. We finished our study of the 8th chapter and are now ready to begin the 9th chapter tomorrow evening in our study.

  Before starting this letter to you I wrote a letter to Jeanne.  She is certainly fine girl and I want to do all I can to encourage her. I’m afraid it wasn’t such a good letter because of being so tired and weary, but anyhow, she will know I care a little. I don’t suppose you will see her now before Christmas.

  I want to take a few moments and make some comments on some of your letters which I received recently. You certainly had some experience that night at the mission with the folks from Buena. I was thankful to hear about the four men who asked for prayer. I only hope they go straight now. It is good to know you were able to help them out in their emergency.

  It is good to know that Gen is gaining weight and also that Dale is looking better. Of course the boys are getting a little larger and they can take take care of themselves a little bit more, and of course it doesn’t call for her constant attention just to them. I will be so glad to see all of them again.

  I was very sorry to hear about the kind of camp Kay attended. I had hoped that it would be a strong Christian camp and one which would help her, for she certainly needs to grow spiritually. She doesn’t attend the Baptist Church in Val does she? If not, with church does she attend?

  It must have been wonderful to talk to the Scheus again. I know I will be very glad to see them again. What is Scheu’s address now? I will not be able to write them until I receive their new address.

  I know you must have had some session with Dr. Rodeheuer in charge. I was sorry to hear about the death of Stebbins.  We certainly do need some more good strong writers in this day. The last 100 years certainly gave to Christendom at large some very fine men in the field of music.

  I will be so glad when you can give me another of your good rubbings. There have been a lot of times when I would have given almost anything for one of your good rubbings. I want to be able to give you a good rubbing also. I know I couldn’t do as well as you could but I would try my best.

  In that I’m so tired I think I will close for tonight and write more to you tomorrow evening. Darling, I love you so much more than ever.

 Forever yours Dearest because we are

 one in Christ’s love,

 Your “Willie”

 Colossians 3:3

 P.S. Our typewriter is in use so I had to write this by hand. I love you more all the time, Dear. 

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