November 1, 1944

November 1, 1944

 Sarah, My Beloved Darling Wife:

I have just finished reading over your last letters again and I enjoy them more each time I read them. Nothing in all this world could ever take the place of your lovely letters. As you said, it does help to know we write to each other every day and if mail does fail to arrive we know there is mail on the way somewhere. Many times I realize my letters lack interest and repeat things said before, but it is the only way I can love you now and I do want you to know I love you with all my heart and life forever in the love of Him who makes us one.

Early this morning I wrote two letters, one to Dolores and the other to Charlie and Nettie. For some reason or other I haven’t heard from them for a long time so I decided to drop them a few lines with the hope that I might hear from them in the near future.

After I finished the letters I started to work on my monthly report to the Chief of Chaplains. When I figured the totals for the month, I found that the record fell a little short of last month, but I expected it because I didn’t have services for October 22nd because I was still in Honolulu waiting for my plane back here. If we could have had services that Sunday we would have surpassed any of the previous months record down here. I got it ready and had Raymond type it for me, I’m trying to give him a little practice with a typewriter. He hasn’t used a typewriter since he was in high school. He surely does very well considering the fact that he had a couple of fingers injured a number of years ago. Raymond is 25 years. In the last mail he received the sweetest picture of his son and wife. It was his Christmas present, I can hardly wait until your pictures arrive. It will be so good to have your picture and the folks here on my little desk.

At 10 o’clock Captain Wilkinson and I left here to take care of a problem I have mentioned in other letters to you. It is really a difficult problem and it really takes patience and tact. I surely enjoy working with Captain Wilkinson. It would really be a treat if all doctors were like him. He is the type of man who treats every case with the greatest concern. So many doctors become mechanical in their work but that cannot be said about him. I really enjoy working with a man like him. Many doctors are not very cooperative, but he surely is in every way.

Shortly after our dinner hour a man came over to my quarters to see me about a problem. It is practically the same kind of case I told you about in yesterday’s letter. Although I feel this fellow is someone to blame and I told him so, and asked him to straighten up himself. Darling, some of these things make you wonder that God blesses man at all. I will do what I can to help with the problem involved.

I studied for a while and then went out to one of the outposts to take reading material to the men. In the place where they are located it is rather lonely and a visit now and then helps cheer them up.

Just before supper a radiogram came in about a soldier’s father who is critically ill. I hurried to the Air Base and helped to make arrangements for an emergency furlough for him. His home is in Sullivan, Indiana. With good luck he will probably be there by Sunday. There was supposed to be a movie tonight, so I went over to see what it was about, I stayed for the news reel and left when the main feature started. It was supposed to be one of those corny productions Hollywood so often puts out.

Dear, I’m happy to know you enjoyed the pins and I’m glad Mom liked hers. You’ll be interested to know that Raymond and I planned and made these things ourselves. We even made the clips, that is I should say Raymond made them. It isn’t a whole lot but we did plan and make them. Even the natives thought them very attractive. Since we made those for you, Raymond has made several more and sold them for five dollars apiece.

I know you are not out often alone at night, but do be very careful when you are. Personally, I know of several serious things that have happened because I have dealt with the individuals involved. Take no unnecessary chances. I’m glad to know the folks go to prayer meeting so often with you, at least that helps that much.

It is good to know that Joe Large has now been promoted to an office job. He is a mighty fine man and I do believe he will be a testimony for Christ wherever he goes.

You were wondering if I have lost weight, well I have. The last time I was weighed, I weighed around 174 pounds. There are several reasons why I have lost weight, in the first place, I am eating rather light. Not on purpose, but I don’t care so much for food in a hot climate like this. It was very hot here today. You are right about the heat, it has been getting warmer down here lately.

You were talking about what it cost you to keep up with our expenses each month. Darling, I think you are doing very well. I, as you, want to save every penny we can for our family and home, but please do not go without things you need. I want you to have every need supplied. It makes me so happy to do things for you. You are such a precious wife.

It was indeed a surprise to hear that Darrel and Frances Byers were visiting Northern. From what you said in your letter, I suppose they will be looking for another church soon.

Dear, you did very well in your history test, I am so proud of you. I knew you would enjoy Dr. Stiansen’s classes. He is one of the finest teachers it has ever been my privilege to know. I’m glad to hear that the Chief heard Dr. Koller in men’s class, and more than that, I am glad he liked his teaching. It will be so good to see Mom and the Chief again.

I’m sure John and Iris must be happy with the arrival of a boy. In fact, I’m very happy for them. They surely have a nice start with their family.

You have an important responsibility as the chairman of the program for the Senior class on November 9th. Dear, you can surely count on my prayer on your behalf as well as all those who take part. Knowing you as I do, I know you will come through with flying colors.

Yes, I remember Duffy, we were pretty good friends, it is good to know he is doing so well. When you see him be sure to convey my greetings to him.

I agree fully with everything Chaplain Goe said in prayer meeting. For most of the things I have read about the churches back home and preparing for the post war world, I think they are missing the mark, mainly because they are looking for the boys to come back and search for the churches, but they will find as does most chaplains, as soon as they get away from the front they forget prayer and the Lord. They pray up there but it is for the bullets to miss them. There are those who pray it is true, but our preaching of the gospel will have to be more searching and convicting than it has been in the days of previous to the outbreak of world chaos.

Newspaper from November 1, 1944.

Tell the Chief that the octopus had tentacles about 2 feet long, and really tried his best to get away from us but I managed to hit him with a rock and stun him which made it much easier to kill him.

I was glad to hear about your good grade on Lesson VI in Evangelism. It will surely be a relief when you get that subject out of the way. Perhaps you will get higher grades now that you have cracked the ice with Dr. Rice.

So Stan is candidating at Morrison, Illinois. I think that is the church where Soule Chapman used to be a pastor. He used to be a member of the North Shore Baptist Church. The last I heard, he was pastor of the church at El Paso, Illinois. I recommended Stan and Letha to Harold and Buena for their church at New Berlin.

You will be probably be thinking, well Willie must have forgotten what day this was, Sweetheart, this is one anniversary I shall remember forever. Four years ago tonight I met you, and believe me, my life has been full of joy and peace of heart since that time. There has never been a question in my mind or heart since that time, I’m yours forever I will always want to belong to no other but you. I thought about you dozens of times today and I have thanked the Lord many times for the privilege I have in being your husband and coworker in the kingdom of God.

I am tired so I will say good night and may the Lord bless you richly in all things. Remember, as for me, each November 1st will grow more precious with the years. Give the folks my love.

I Love you Darling forever in Christ,


Colossians 3:3

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