May 9, 1945

Okinawa Shima – Ryukyu Islands

9 May 1945

Sarah, My Dearest Darling:

I was pleasantly surprised with the arrival of one of your letters this evening, it was yours of April 30th. It was very good to have it but I was hoping for two or three anyhow. Your letter of the 30th was short but just the same it was very good to have it and I have just finished reading it again for the umpteenth time. Besides your letter I got a very nice letter from Kittie with her picture closed. It is really very good and I like it very much. When you talk to her be sure to thank her for the grand picture. Then there was Paul’s letter of March 18th. It was old, but it was certainly good to hear from him. And the sweetest letter from Uncle Charlie and Aunt Annie of Stanford. Also enclosed in their letter was a very good picture. I think it is grand and they looked just as sweet as ever. Long shall I remember the good times we have had when in their home. Isn’t it grand to know such wonderful devoted Christians? Just think, they are going on their 56th wedding anniversary. You know Darling, I love people old and young alike. I can sit by the hours and listen to men like Uncle Charlie relate the experiences of their lives. Oft times in talking or listening to the things older folks tell I learn things. Dear, I would even go further, I have yet to meet a person from whom I failed to learn some things. Even where what had to be put up with was most displeasing or hard to bear. Deep within my heart is a desire to be a blessing to all men because of all Christ has done for us. It means so very much for a man to have a wife who is such a sweet Christian and loves you in spite of all your weaknesses and shortcomings. The unmerited love which I know is forever mine because you have so assured me, is a constant source of inspiration and power to me in the times of need. Dear, I only wish you could realize how often your assured love has tided me over some most unpleasant and trying experiences.

I got up early this morning and studied for a little bit. After that I cleaned my gun and before I had finished a soldier came to see me about the most complicated problem. I talked to him for over an hour and a half and went down to the Red Cross field director and did all that can be done to help such a case. By the time I was through with that case, I had some more things to take care of. Immediately following the dinner hour Chaplain Holt and I went to the hospital. Later we went up to the front to see some of our men. By the way, we had a beautiful sunshiny day today. By mid afternoon the mud was like glue, so you can see how hard it was for the foot soldier to trench through it. In some places it was all the Jeep could do to get through. We arrived back here shortly before time to eat. As soon as we had our evening meal we had our evening vesper service. Chaplain Holt led on the 28th chapter of Proverbs.

Magazine from May 7, 1945

After the service I picked up a Time magazine and read most of the articles of interest. And then I wrote a v-mail letter to Kittie, Paul and Gen and Uncle Charlie and Aunt Annie.

I’m going to start with your letter of April 20th tonight. I was glad to hear that Joe Guthrie is alright in France. I know all those who have loved ones in Europe must be thankful that it is over over there. But we men over here cannot be very much stirred up about it because all around us we see the shocking evidence that there is a mighty struggle here and before us.

It is good to know that Gen is getting along well with her piano lessons. She is certainly a darling and such a wonderful mother. Dear, I know you will be just as fine a mother. I know that Lois Sloan must be very glad to go west. I certainly hope everything works out alright for her. She is such a fine girl, I have always loved and thought she had real possibilities.

Dear, concerning the pictures, send all you can. You said it was hard to take interesting pictures. Do you not know by now that any picture of you is most interesting to me? Darling, you are the dearest in all this world to me, so don’t worry about interest just keep the pictures of YOU coming this way.

Dear, it is late and I am tired so I will close for tonight. God richly bless you and the folks in all things.

Yours alone for always because we

Are one in the love of Christ Jesus,


Colossians 3:3

P.S. Enclosed find Kittie’s, Paul’s and Uncle Charlie and Aunt Annie’s letters. Also find their picture enclosed.

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