May 8, 1945

Okinawa Shima – Ryukyu Islands

8 May 1945

Sarah, My Dearest Darling:

Again General Mud took over today, and as a result, we did not move ahead. In weather like this it is about all you can do to hold the front lines. Such weather is always the most miserable for the troops in the forward areas. I had so hoped there would be mail from you but none came in at all. Dear, it is always a brighter day when mail comes in no matter how dreary or tiring it may be. However, I do have your back letters and I have read some of them over again. Thank you Dear for being such a wonderful Christian wife.

I didn’t leave here at all today because of the weather conditions. I studied for a while this morning and then I wrote a v-mail letter to Jeanne Wychoff, Harold and Buena, Mr. and Mr. Zude, Nettie and my old assistant.

After dinner I wrote all the letters of condolence to those who have lost loved ones. That took most of the afternoon. What time I had left before supper I did some more Bible study. As soon as we had supper we had our evening vespers. I led the service, we studied the 27th chapter of Proverbs.

V-E Day!

Of course the big news today is the unconditional surrender of Germany. I hope the people will wake up to the fact that there is a terrific battle still to be fought over here. The European war has held in the spotlight for a long time. Soon many will see what a wonderful job McArthur and his men have done with limited supplies and the fact that they have had to fight in the jungles and disease infested lands. It is very disgusting to most of the men over here to hear about the way people are celebrating and caring on back in the States when before us is the possible bloody war with the Japanese. Even if the whole thing was over I cannot see this business of celebrating, rather than gulping down so much bottled spirits, men ought to rededicate their lives to the cause of peace and freedom by consecrating their lives to the way of salvation in our Lord Jesus Christ. Every cemetery with their crosses row on row is a constant reminder of the fact that peace comes from righteous living. Why is it that man thinks of celebrating by eating or drinking instead of realizing that true dedication and blessing coming from spiritual eating and drinking of the bread and water of life provided for us by the Lord Jesus Christ.

I’m going to start with your letter of April 19th. I was surprised to hear that Warren hasn’t been writing very regularly. When I was up there to see him he wasn’t doing very much, just standing around and visiting with some of the men. He works in the personnel section and by his own admission he said his job was a snap. As I told you before Dear, I will try and get a letter off to you every day unless it is entirely impossible. Darling, I realize how much your letters mean to me and I’m going to do my very best to keep letters coming to you. Sometimes because of limitations it is hard to write an interesting letter, but at least it is a letter.

From what you said in your letter, Bob’s Marguerite’s brother must be a very fine young man. I’m certainly glad to know that they are such fine people; Bob certainly ought to be thankful unto the Lord for that. I suppose Bob will soon be on his way home, at least I hope so. I can imagine Mom and Margaret are really looking forward to his coming. Everybody around here has been speculating about how soon it will be over over here. The census of opinion seems to be that it will be over sometime this fall. Many even went so far as to say they thought we will be home by Christmas this year. However, I cannot be that optimistic at least right now. If I can be back in the States a year from now I will be very glad. I don’t expect to be out of the Army altogether much before the fall of 1946. It would certainly be grand to be home by this Christmas this year. It may be that Japan may see the hand writing on the wall, so it could be over by this fall. I wouldn’t be surprised if they would be willing to settle the whole thing if they could keep Manchuria, that is, I mean they would be willing to give up the rest. But I doubt if the allies would accept such a proposal in that they have said they will accept nothing less than unconditional surrender. As for me, I would be glad to start on my way home tonight.

Well, my Dear, it is getting late and I’m tired so I’ll close for tonight hoping there will be mail tomorrow.

I’m just yours for the ages of the

Ages and the love of Christ Jesus,


P.S. Chaplain Holt just gave me four little pictures which he took, they’re small but I’m sure you will be glad to have them. Two of them are not so clear but you can make them out.

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