May 23, 1946

Seoul, Korea

23 May 1946

Sarah, My Beloved Darling Sweetheart:

It is almost time for the mail to be picked up, but I want to try and get a little bit of a letter off to you tonight. First of all, I want to tell you about receiving your good letters of May 12th and 13th. They were so very good I’ve only had the opportunity to read them through once, but as soon as I finish this letter and mail it I’m going to read them through again.

Where Willis worked in Korea.

  This has truly been another one of those days the like of which you cannot imagine and it would take far too long to go into detail about the whole day, so I’m only going to mention a few things. Evidently, Chaplain Jaegar did not notify Chaplain Martin about the fact that he has to be moved from this hospital for all things seem to indicate that fact. It will surely be good when we can get him out of here altogether, everyone is very much disgusted with him.

  The whole morning was interrupted by a number of things and then about 11 o’clock who is to come in but Chaplain North and Chaplain Riley. They stayed for dinner with me and of course, with Alrik being here we really had a lot of fun. Alrik just sat around in the office most of the morning while I went about to the various wards and then talked to another psycho patient we have here in the hospital. This afternoon, I did some more calling in the wards. Chaplain North and Riley left here about 1:30. At about 4:30 Chaplain Rendahl came to see Alrik, they are old schoolmates from seminary days in Minneapolis. They attended Bethel. Alrik had planned on staying all night with me again but behold Rendahl wanted him to stay with him tonight so that is what he decided to do. By the way, after supper this evening we played another ball game and won by a score of 7 to 2. I was pretty lucky at bat again tonight.

  Following the game, I came right up here to the hospital and took a shower, and by that time we had to go to our Bible class. There were only seven in attendance this evening but we did have a good discussion. Alrik and Chaplain Rendahl had to leave before Bible class because he had to be back to some kind of meeting.

  Darling, I enjoyed reading over the bulletin for the services at Second and Ravenswood.  From what you said in your letter, Dr. Moor must have been very good. Don’t you remember that his daughter was the one who gave that very fine devotional at the meeting which we had that time at McNiel’s church in Rock Island, Illinois? I can still remember very well her splendid treatment of the verse in the text when Moses saw the burning bush. “ Take the shoes from off thy feet for the ground on which you stand is Holy Ground.”  By the way, I will return the bulletins in this letter.

  It is time for me to close and mail this letter if I want it to leave here tonight. God bless you Lover and all the folks in all things.

  Always and forever just yours in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3

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