May 22, 1946

Seoul, Korea

22 May 1946

Dearest Darling Sweetheart;

Lover, this has been another one of those days when I have been on the go since very early this morning. There have been so many hectic things taking place that it has been distressing and it now seems very little has been accomplished. Right after breakfast this morning, who should walk in this morning but Alrik, it was surely wonderful to see him again. He came up with their hospital car and some patients. The hospital car is a specialized railroad car. I had to take care of a problem case, in fact he was the one which I told you about in last night’s letter. By the time that was taken care of it was time for me to leave here with Colonel and Lt. Col. to see Chaplain Jaegar about the problem Chaplain Martin has created here at the hospital. We were only in Jaegar’s office about 20 minutes and the two men told him the whole story and asked him to have him transferred out of this hospital as soon as possible. Chaplain Jaegar agreed that it was the best thing and said he would do it as soon as possible. Undoubtedly he will blow sky-high when he finds out but I didn’t do it, I’ve done all I could, but I know he will blame me for what has taken place. He is certainly a misfit if ever any man was.

Chaplain Reed, Blomquist and Robinson. Winter 1946

I didn’t have a lot of time before dinner, but I did take care of one man and by that time Alrik and I went over to have something to eat. On the way back to my office from dinner, another soldier stopped and that took some time. As soon as I got up here to the office Alrik and I had to leave for Seoul. He had a whole lot of confiscated money and other things which he had to deliver to the authorities who are now breaking up a large black market ring down in Fusan.  Unfortunately, a number of his men in the hospital are involved in it. Alrik didn’t know what was in the box either but nevertheless his commanding officer had to ask him to deliver the box to Corps Headquarters. And we had to count every bit of the money and other items and then witness every item. It was almost 5 o’clock by the time we were able to leave there. We arrived back here just in time to have our evening meal.

  I studied for a while on my message for this evening after the evening meal, but I didn’t have all the time I would have liked to have had. I spoke on this theme from the 53rd Psalm, the main theme found in the 5th verse. The title of my message was, “What’s Troubling You?”  There were only fourteen in attendance. We had choir practice.

  It is rather late now and I must close and go to bed. There were two wonderful letters from you today and they were from May 10th and 11th. They were very good and helped me no end. I got two other letters. They were from Connie and my cousin Howard Reed. Good night Lover, and may God bless you in all things.

Yours alone in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3

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