May 20, 1946

Seoul, Korea

20 May 1946

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

Well, one more day of our long separation has slipped by and I am certainly glad for that fact, I wish I knew just when I might be able to get away from here, but I will just have to continue living in expectancy. This uncertainty is indeed trying and it would make it much easier to know when I would be leaving here and then that way we might be able to make some plans. Even though Alrik and I will be eligible as of June 1st, that doesn’t mean that we are going to be able to leave then. The shipping question has been quite uncertain the last six weeks or two months and it looks like it is going to continue to be that way. What Colonel Miller told you was true when he left here, but it certainly isn’t now. Right now it looks like I’ll be very lucky if I arrive home by the 1st of August, so don’t count on me too heavily to help with Bible School. However, remember that I’ll send you a cable as soon as I know when I’ll be leaving for sure. And then after that, you can count on it being about a month before I’ll be able to reach Chicago.

As usual, I was up early and it was certainly a beautiful morning although it was quite cool. There are many different birds and it is so pretty to hear them sing when everything is so quiet at the beginning of a new day. After having my breakfast I came up to the office and did some studying and had my devotions. I wasn’t able to do all the studying I had hoped to do because I was interrupted by a psycho case that they called me in on. That naturally took a long time and before I was through with that case another one came up for me to handle. Just before dinner, Captain Howard Haynes of Towanda, Illinois called up and said that he would be able to come out and have dinner with me this evening.

Willis’ friend – Arnold Hodak.

  Following the dinner hour, I came back up here to the office and did a little more studying and then decided to go out and call in some more of the wards. I also had to see another one of the psycho patients. Just before 3 o’clock I decided to go down to the barbershop and wait for a chance to have my hair cut. It was about 10 after 4 before I was able to have my turn, so you can see there is very little time before the supper hour. I called in a couple of wards and then waited for Howard in the lobby of the hospital. He brought a friend along with him from Chicago, his name was Major Lasker (Jewish) and he surely seemed like a fine man. We visited until almost 7 o’clock and we would probably have visited longer but Howard is expecting to receive his order tomorrow or the next day to return to the States and he had a lot of packing to do and had to get back. Around 3 o’clock this afternoon Hodak came back to visit with Dennis and Dwight and some other friends. So we cancelled the Bible class for this evening and they are going to drive Hodak back to the Korean Disposition Center.

  All in all, this is been a very pretty day, although it hasn’t been very warm for the last 2 weeks. Things are really beautiful in Korea now. I wish you could see how the people here in Korea utilize every bit of available land to produce food of some kind. Their potatoes are really showing up very well now. They also grow something which looks like a Swiss chard in the States. In fact, they grow all kinds of it. It seems to be their main source of greens. Most of the farmers have the rice paddies all ready for planting their rice crop.

  As I had expected, there wasn’t any mail today and I rather doubt if we will have any tomorrow. Even with this better service it takes between 8 and 10 days for your letters to reach me. Not that I complain about that because all things considered, I think that is very good service. But, it is always a brighter and happy day when I hear from you. You are such a wonderful sweetheart and wife in every possible way. You id tow tweet and I wuve you tow vry much so dere and I taid it first and wast.

I was sorry to hear that Mr. Howell has been ill, I do hope that he is much better by the time this letter reaches you. That was certainly nice of them to invite you to the Four Square Banquet. I only wish I could be there with you, Beloved.

  You must have been very glad to see Lloyd’s again and I was surprised to hear that Earl and Helen are expecting, and I am glad for them. I’ll be glad when we can be expecting together for that blessed event in our own home.

  Darling, it was so good to hear about the chorus choir they have now at Northern. From what you said in your letter the selections wish they sang in Chapel must have been very good. I got ta kick out of your description of what Dr. Stiansen said, for it sounded just like him. He is one man I respect and love very dearly in the Lord. 

  I can imagine just how put out you must have been with the way they drug the service along at North Shore. Honestly, I believe a business meeting can be very interesting if people would just put something into the service. I’m sure the program you arranged for them worked out all right and I’m sure it must have been very helpful to all who attended.

  Well, Dear, I have just had three men leave here and they were here talking for over half an hour. There is very little time before the deadline on getting this letter in the box, so I had better close for now. God bless you, Beloved in all things. Be sure to give the folks my deepest love.

 Yours only and always because we are His,


 Colossians 3:3

 P.S. Enclosed is a clipping about President Hoover. It also appeared in the “Corps Graphic”. On back is a picture of Chaplain Jaegar.

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