May 20, 1945

Okinawa Shima – Ryukyu Islands

20 May 1945

Sarah, My Dearest Darling:

This evening your letters of May 8th, 9th and 10th were a wonderful climax for this day. I only wish you could realize how much your wonderful letters mean to me. Darling, you are a wonderful wife and my love for you goes beyond the realm of human description. Besides your grand letters, I got a nice long letter from Vivian Shafer and Mrs. Nixon.

Willis leading service on Okinawa. 1945.

Dear, this has been the biggest and the busiest Lord’s Day I have had since coming into the Army. This morning there were over 550 at the service. Over 500 of the men took communion. It was some job to serve that many men. I wish you could have seen it, all with steel helmets, fatigues and guns. I preached on, ”Halt, who goes there.” Scripture Matthew 24:42-46. The theme being, “Military installations and plans need to be guarded just so does the soul of man need to be guarded against the sabotage of Satan and his cohorts. A guard demands every person to halt, and after the man gives his name or password he is told to advance to be recognized. My third point was developed along this line, to live a Christian life which grows we need to challenge every friendship, habit, emotion and thought.” This evening I spoke on, “Man Under Authority.” Matthew 8:5-13. There were over 150 at the service this evening. You’ll be interested to know that several men came forward at each service when I gave the invitation to accept Christ.

I was busy most of the afternoon finishing my letters of condolences before we go back to the front. I also took care of another Red Cross case. As soon as the service was over this evening I wanted to return and start writing some letters because it is going to be hard for a while again. But just as I started, we had an air raid, we had an “All Clear,” and then another raid in a few minutes, so I didn’t get started till late. However, I got a v-mail letter off to each of the following ones: Mr. and Mrs. Abernathy, Roy String, Roy String’s wife and Sgt. Visconti.

Dear, I’m going to make a few comments on your letter of May 5th and then go to bed because I’m tired and my hand is tired from writing so much today.

Please don’t worry about sending me Reader’s Digest. I generally get to see them around after a month or so. And besides, what time I do have I’m devoting to as much Bible study as I can. I want to make David’s statement true of my life, ”Thy word, Lord have I hidden in my heart.”

Dear, while looking through an old tattered magazine (from so much reading and handling), I found three cartoons which I’m sending along. I think you will enjoy them.

God bless you my Lover, if I would write from now on I could never tell you how I feel. I love you more than ever and by the time this letter reaches you I will be loving you that many more days worth. Give the folks my love.

Yours my Dear, in Christ’s

Eternal love,


Colossians 3:3

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