May 19, 1945

Okinawa Shima – Ryukyu Islands

19 May 1945

Sarah, My Darling:

Well, I have just lighted my little candle and will try and get this finished if Washing Machine Charlie stays away. Dear, I missed hearing from you this evening, I always look forward to your letters. I did receive two letters this evening from two more men back in the 98th. As soon as I answer the letters I’ll send them on to you. It rained almost all morning, I did other things and also took advantage of the time to study and wrote letters to Carl Anderson, Maurice and Edith, Louise Davis, Dad and the Chief and Mom. I also sent you a few articles of interest about this island that I thought you might like to read.

After dinner I visited several of our companies and then made last minute preparations for services tomorrow. With things so very uncertain it is hard to plan services very definitely. I also took care of a Red Cross case. It cleared for awhile this afternoon but it is cloudy now and looks like more rain. I’m glad I got a good poncho for that helps keep you dry. When we are in the front lines it’s impossible to take a sleeping bag along. A poncho and a shelter half are about your limit as far as protection from the elements are concerned. As I said to the folks, I’m willing and ready to go through most anything and not complain if I’m able to come through well. Of course, above all else I want God’s will to be done, but it seems to me it isn’t selfish to want to come back and be one with you for a life of service together. I love you so very much that as strange as it may seem I wouldn’t want it any other way, for it does make me realize how very precious and dear you are to me.

I’m going to make a few comments on your letter of May 4th. By the way, you’ll be interested to know that there were over 200 in service this evening. I used Romans 13:8-14. After the invitation two man came up to accept Christ and they want to be baptized but Paul and I will not be able to do it until this campaign is over. Darling, it means so much to know you are praying for me because I have felt a power other than my own on many occasions. I also appreciate the prayers of our friends.

The boxes you sent sound very good and I hope it doesn’t take them too long to get here. It will certainly be good to taste some of your good baking again. I’m glad you talked to Gen and Paul about Koller Hall, in the v-mail I wrote to them I used most of the space to urge them to reserve an apartment in Koller Hall. We shall see what the response is, that is if they tell you that they received that letter from me.

Well, day after tomorrow Dale will be operated upon, I hope he gets along alright. I was glad to know you got to see Dr. Mantey and I’m glad to know he is feeling better. Dr. Mantey said he thought you should take Greek by correspondence from Southwestern Seminary. Does he mean take that and his gospels class also? If he does, I’m sure you could do it all right, that is if you started basic Greek before school started this fall. The first quarter would be rather hard but with your ability and your language background I’m sure you could do it. However, that is for you to decide but from what you said I take that is what he meant about taking it by correspondence.

I’m sorry to hear about Helen Christie’s attitude. That girl is going to get herself into serious trouble if she is not careful. With all the fine associations she has had at Buena I cannot understand her attitude. I hope you will be able to help but do think she takes advantage of you at times. She will continue to be unhappy and wondered about by others if she doesn’t change. Undoubtedly some of the talk she complains about at Buena is justified and she rebels. In other words, she has not fully yielded herself to Christ. Basically, it seems to me she has done some things which she knows are not quite right for a Christian and she is unhappy because of her lack of repentance. She seems to be carrying some such burden. 

Well Dear, I must close for now-God bless you Darling and give the folks my love.

Yours Dear in Him forever,

With all my love,


Colossians 3:3

P.S. Enclosed find a letter from Maurice and Louise. I love you more than ever, Darling.

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  • John T Reed
    May 19, 2019, 4:25 am

    “A poncho and a shelter half are about your limit as far as protection from the elements are concerned. As I said to the folks, I’m willing and ready to go through most anything and not complain if I’m able to come through well. ” Willis: always the optimist!!

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