May 14, 1946

Seoul, Korea

14 May 1946

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

Well, I was very grateful and thankful to receive another one of your precious letters today, it was yours of May 2nd. I’ve already read it over several times and I find it so good to read again and again. It is hard to imagine or realize just how good it is going to be to talk to you face-to-face as we used to do. Your letter was the only mail which I received so that is alright with me because your letters are the ones which really count.

  I was up early this morning and then we had another large evacuation for the States, there were also 14 nurses which left this morning. That really cuts down our number of nurses and with all the extra patients in here it is really keeping them busy. It was quite late by the time we got the last of the patients out of here. When I came back up to my office I decided I would try and read some more in the book entitled PRAYER, but I had only managed to read a little went Dwight and Dennis came to me with a problem which they had been discussing. It started last evening in our Bible class. We certainly had a real session last evening, but I will not be able to go into detail because it would take too long. I like to throw out questions like that and get the fellows to think for themselves, for I do believe that one of the greatest weaknesses among Christians is the fact that they have never thought things out for themselves but have merely accepted things because someone else has said so, and as a result they are not soul winners or workers for the Lord because they are not sure of themselves as to what they believe. In other words, they are afraid if they venture out, they may not be able to work their way back to the position which they came to believe or defend.

Willis’ friend, Jeanette Mason. 1946.

  This has been a perfectly delightful day, it was cloudy and looked like it might rain until about 9 o’clock, but it cleared and now there are only a few delightful large clouds drifting lazily through the sky. For about a week it has been rather cool, but it is much warmer tonight and I’m thankful for that, after all, we should be having much warmer weather now.

  I had just started reading some more after dinner when in walked Chaplain Lindsey. We visited for almost two hours, is good to know a chaplain who has something on the ball. He has been in the Army only a year and was informed day before yesterday that he would be unable to go home before another year, so he decided to bring his wife and little son over here to Korea. Even if he had to stay over here another whole year, he wouldn’t be separated from his wife as long as I’ve been away from you, Lover. But not under war conditions, I don’t blame him for wanting to have his wife over here with him.

  Chaplain Lindsay had only been gone about five minutes when Jeanette came up to see me about helping her write a little article for the Chosen Life concerning mothers. I gave her several ideas which she could develop, and I’m sure she will do all right. Jeanette really has ability but she lacks confidence in herself. I’m sure she will do all right in whatever she does if she can just develop a little more self-confidence. After all, it isn’t so easy when everyone (among most of the nurses) don’t care how they live or what they do.

  She brought me five different pictures which she has taken with her camera, so I’ll send them along for you to see. I’ve numbered them on the back and will describe each one to you separately. (1) Left to right – Don McClintock, Chaplain Earl Minor, yours, Mr. Lee (in charge of all Korean personnel who work here in the hospital). (2) Miss Chey, yours, Dr. Helen Kim, Chaplain Meyers, Miss Lee and Dennis. (This picture was taken on the steps of Dr. Helen Kim’s home on the campus of Ewha College for girls). (3) Miss Chey, Dr. Helen Kim and Miss Lee (remember she is the famous nurse here in Korean who attended the International Meeting of Nurses in London in 1936). (4) A picture which I snapped for Jeannette on her camera of a favorite past time of Korean girls especially around the time of their New Year season. (5) The Island Command Cemetery on Okinawa. Darling, I’m sure you will enjoy all of these pictures because they are so very nice and clear.

  Darling, I’m writing this letter before Bible class because I want to be sure to go out with the evening pick up. By the way, you wanted to know how many days terminal leave I will have coming when I come back to the States. As near as I can figure it, I now have 71 days and of course by the time I get back there I ought to have three or four more days. It will probably be around 75 days when I arrive back there. It will certainly be wonderful to be with you again, each passing day only makes it harder to be separated from you. Honestly, I don’t see how anyone could love someone like I love you and keep on being separated this way. I know I will be willing to go through a lot just for the blessed privilege of being with you.

 Lover, I’m glad that you received so many very nice birthday presents. I do so pray and hope that next year and ever after we will be together on your birthday and all the other days too. It is almost time for Bible class which means I must close. God bless you and the folks in all things. Forever just yours in Christ’s love.

 Yours only and always in Christ,


 Colossians 3:3 

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