May 14, 1945

Okinawa Shima – Ryukyu Islands

14 May 1945

My Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

I have just finished looking at the pictures which you enclosed in yesterday’s letters. I only wish you knew how much those pictures mean to me. As I’ve said before, keep as many as possible coming my way. And be sure they are of you mostly, as well as the folks or any of our own very dear friends. There wasn’t any mail today. I only wish you knew how much your dear letters help me in days like these. Honestly, I live from day to day hoping there will be letters from you. You know, as I look at your pictures I can see you are becoming more beautiful every day. I mean that sincerely, yours is not the kind of beauty which is painted on. Fellowship with Christ always tends to develop true beauty. Dear, that is the one thing that made me so sure I loved you right from the first. I’m so grateful for all you are to me and I shall never cease thanking the Lord for the privilege which is mine in being your husband for always no matter what may happen. It is certainly wonderful what loving someone like you Dear will do for a man.

The Japanese Arisaka rifle.

I got up this morning and left for the service I told you about in last night’s letter. There were a mighty fine group of men in attendance. I used the same theme as I did in yesterday’s message. On the way back, we stopped in to visit another one of our units. Later, we returned to Division Headquarters and I got all my things ready to move out here to the 184th Infantry. By the way, they said they might limit sending things out of here. In that I had bayonet, I made a little box right away for it and sent it out this morning to the Chief. I wish I would have had the Japanese gun and I would have got it on the way today. I’m still going to try and get one for the Chief. I oiled the bayonet and put it in a waterproof cover which we use for our guns. Don’t tell the Chief about it for I would like to have him surprised. You can tell him that I sent him a little something but let him be surprised. I suppose it will be six or seven weeks before he receives it. I wish I could do something real nice for the dear Chief. I love him more than he realizes.

As soon as I finished dinner I came on over here to my new outfit. I got to meet most of the officers and I think I’m going to like it. By the way, the battalion commander of our battalion is Lieut. Col. Bjork, he was one of the tackles for the Chicago Bears during the 1937 in 1938 seasons. 

Paul Wells and I got together for a while and had a good visit. He also made some plans for future work. At the present time, we are resting which is indeed a relief after so many days of continuous combat. We had a beautiful day until just before sundown when it clouded up and now it is raining. However, it wasn’t too bad because we have a tent to sleep in while here resting.

Dear, I’m having a hard time trying to write this letter, we have had an air raid and the wind keeps blowing my candle out. I will finish this in the morning.

This morning I’m going to conclude this letter by answering a few of your questions in your letter for May 1st. I can just hear Dr. Stiansen talking about Henry VIII. I can remember that lecture very well. I was interested in Dr. Mason’s attitude about worship centers, however I feel to an extent they are helpful. Carried too far they do become props. It seems to me that they need not be props, if the minister himself is a spiritual leader. I enjoyed reading Dr. Stiansen’s expression, “Don’t annoy the animals,” concerning showing the pictures to Dr. Mason. That sounds just like him and is appropriate to say the least.

From what you have said about missionary week at the Seminary, I can see that much good is being done.

Well Dear, I must close for now and may God richly bless you in all things. I love you more than ever Dear.

Just yours in Christ’s love,


P.S. Enclosed is another request but don’t send anything until we see how well these other things come through.

Please send me cashew nuts, peanuts and chocolate chip cookies.

I love you sweetheart,


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