May 11, 1945

Okinawa Shima – Ryukyu Islands

11 May 1945

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

16 months ago tonight I was on El Capitan racing for the west coast. Those have certainly been a long 16 months but I am most thankful to know that we are that much nearer the day where we can be together in the work which we love the most. To make a good conclusion to this day I received your letter of May 3rd. As per usual, the letter helped me very much. I’m still missing six of your letters for April, one of them is for the third, I do hope that it soon comes through. It was either lost or is coming out here by ship. Besides your letter, I had one from my Connie. It wasn’t long but it was good to hear from them. I will enclose the letter in here so you can read it.

I got up early and read my devotional material before eating breakfast. After breakfast Chaplain Holt and I went to our Division Cemetery. While up that way I got to see Chaplain Schreyer for a few minutes, it was certainly good to see him. He is such a fine chaplain. Far above the average Protestant chaplain. On the way back we stopped by to visit a couple of our units in the rear areas.

When we returned to Division Headquarters, I received some word which made me very glad. I don’t know whether I told you or not but about two weeks ago they sent a radiogram requesting my old assistance’s transfer to this division as my assistant. And Darling, much to my surprise, it was approved and I wouldn’t be surprised if Don is already on his way. I only wish you could know how happy that makes me, for he is certainly the ideal assistant. His life is a constant testimony of what Christ does for those who really trust him. And besides that, he is a good musician and able to carry on with whatever maybe part of our responsibilities. I do hope it won’t be too long before he gets here for there is so much we can do together.

And right at dinner time Paul Wells came up to Division Headquarters and had his dinner with us. We visited for almost half an hour, then he took a bath. He didn’t have any means to wash his fatigues so I washed them for him and gave him a clean pair of mine which have shrunk so much that I am unable to wear them. Later Paul and I went to one of the hospitals to visit some of the men. And by the time I returned there was a man here to see me. I had been able to help him with a difficult problem he had. It worked out as we had hoped and prayed. And he came up to Division Headquarters to thank me for all that had happened. That was certainly thoughtful of him. I wrote his wife a letter last week to tell her about her husband. That takes a lot of extra time but I think it helps those back home. In the last year I have written to many pastors, wives and parents of men in this service. And you would be surprised how much the men appreciate it. Just three or four days ago a man came to see me and said, “Chaplain, I hear you write to folks back home.” He said, “My mother is very seriously ill in St. Paul, she is a good Christian and I think she would be glad to hear from my chaplain.” He said he had already written his mother about me. I thought that was very thoughtful of him and I was certainly glad to do so. Chaplain Holt led our vesper service this evening. And then I came back here and read your very sweet letter. I’m certainly glad that our men have been taken out of the front lines for a while, they certainly needed a rest.

I’m going to start with your letter of April 25th. It is good to hear that the Youth for Christ movement is collecting clothing for the children of Europe. Something practical like that will help their work very much and will be of a greater blessing to them. From what you said in that letter, I take it that Captain Wilson must have sent the pictures that we took while on our final days on the Island of Hawaii. Yes, the girl standing between Major Ender and I was a Red Cross worker. She was a worker assigned to the rest camp over on Hawaii.

It was interesting to hear that the seniors were able to help those young people on their sneak day. I was glad to hear that the Chief is reading the book, “Abundant Living.” I think it will prove helpful to him. I was glad to know that Dr. Hepburn received the letter I wrote him. He is a fine Christian man and the kind we need more of. I was hardly able to recognize my past life by the report that the reporter wrote up. Well, be that as it may, I didn’t think he would write it up. I was interested to hear that Muriel Anderson’s husband was home, I know she must have been happy.

Well my Dear, it is getting late and I am tired so I’m going to close for tonight. God bless you and the folks in all things.

I’m yours alone, for always-in Christ’s love,


Colossians 3:3

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