March 7, 1945

7 March 1945

Sarah, My Darling:

Since early this morning the three of us have been on the go.It was rather chilly this morning, being up so high you can expect to be a little cold. On our way back from breakfast, the clouds had cleared away from the peak of Mauna Loa and we could see the snow very clearly. Where we are located at the vegetation is about like you would see in our mountain country during the summer. And Hilo which is about 30 miles from here is definitely tropical, for everywhere you see palms and all kinds of beautiful flowers.

We spent the most of the morning viewing the mighty crater not far from our quarters. We took several pictures, I hope they turn out alright. I know you cannot imagine how very large this volcano is. Not more than 500 yards from our quarters there are tremendous cracks in the ground and they are pouring out steam all the time. We took a couple pictures of them. Just before dinner we played horseshoe. We had a good dinner. Believe it or not, a nice lettuce and tomato salad, boiled potatoes, gravy (brown), salmon patty and carrots. And fruit cocktail and a piece of cake for dessert. We also had a glass of milk, an item which cost us extra, but it was worth it.

Pictures from Willis trip to Hilo on Detached service. March 1945.

After dinner we rented a bicycle a piece and took a long ride. Captain Wilson and Major Ender got very tired and turned back but I wanted to see the main fire pit of the volcano and decided to go on alone. I was very tired after coming back up that long grade but it was worth it. I rode off in another direction for a while and finally decided to come back to the rest camp. Before I arrived here a rainstorm (cold) came up and I really got a good soaking. I turned the bike in and came right over to our quarters and took a good warm shower. (Notice, a treat – warm showers). By that time it was time to eat our evening meal. It was also very good, potatoes fried, corn niblets, a medium-sized piece of beef tenderloin (very good), nice hot biscuits, butter, milk and cherry pie. That is really class for us.

After supper I came back over to our quarters and read my Bible and devotional material. I wrote a letter to Paul and Gen before starting this letter to you. Monday a soldier gave me five dollars to invest in Christian work so I’m sending it to Paul and Gen. By the way, our sitting room has a nice fireplace in it, made of lava rock which has been painted black. It certainly makes it an attractive fireplace. There is a wood box right outside our door.  We have to keep the fire going all the time, otherwise it gets quite cold. When the sun comes out and you are out of the wind it isn’t so bad, but as soon as the sun goes down it becomes very cool.

Captain Wilson and Major Ender are about asleep so I will soon be going to bed for I’m tired also. I’m going to make a few comments on your letter for February 27th. Don’t worry about your history exam, I’m sure you came through with flying colors. It is a blessing to my heart to hear about the fine work and response Stan and Lee are having in their church. As I have said before, they are extraordinary. The Lord needs many more like them and Paul and Gen. Dr. Lindsell’s message in chapel sounded very very good. Sorry to hear about Mr. Catheart. I shall make it a matter of prayer. I’m glad you have been able to help Mrs. Paul during this time of Mr. Paul’s serious illness. I’m glad to know he is improving so well.

Well Dear, it is time for me to go to bed so I will close for tonight. How happy I would be if only you could be here also and see the splendor of God. God bless you Beloved in all things. Give the folks my love. 

Always just yours Dear, 

because we are one in Christ.

Yours alone,


Colossians 3:3

P.S. I am enclosing Paul and Gen’s last letter to file away in our folder.

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