March 6, 1945

6 March 1945

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

We are now over on the Island of Hawaii. Captain Wilson, Major Ender and I left early this morning. From the air we got a very good view of some of the islands in the Hawaiian chain. By air, it is about as far as from Chicago to Centralia, Illinois. We arrived at the Hilo Airport before dinner so we made arrangements to come out here. A little while later we went to a restaurant and had a good steak dinner. After we finished eating, we walked around in downtown Hilo for we had some time to pass by before we could get transportation out here. While walking around I saw some things I knew you would like so I bought four different things for you. I think you will like them, Dear. I will wait until you receive them and then I’ll tell you more about them. The place where I bought the things was owned and operated by a very lovely people. They packed it for me, then I had it censored and sent out right away. I sent it first class, so I hope you receive it in better timing than you did the last box. Now you will have another gift made right here on this island. I love you so much, Dear.

Shortly after I mailed the package our transportation arrived so we journeyed out here. This is an Army rest camp. If you look up in an encyclopedia you will find some interesting things about this Island. Tonight it is colder than I have experienced since seeing you last time. We are up pretty high here. We are not far from the volcano. In fact, just before we arrived here we could see steam coming up from the earth in places. One of the peaks not far from here is covered with snow. The whole thing wrong with this trip Dear is the fact that you are not here. I shall never fully enjoy or appreciate anything without your wonderful presence.

Darling, it isn’t so late, but I have a headache from not having enough sleep last night. I didn’t get to bed last night until after one, then we had aa terrible wind and dust storm which nearly wrecked our tent. It was still going on when we left this morning. Being so cool here and with been tired we ought to sleep like kittens tonight.

I shall try to write you a better letter tomorrow evening. God bless you my Dear in all things. Give the folks my love.

Yours forever in the love of Christ,


Colossians 3:3

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