March 5, 1945

5 March 1945

Sarah, My Dearest Darling:

Well Darling, another day has rolled into eternity and I am really tired. From early this morning I have been on the go and it seems very little has been accomplished. The highlight of the day it was the arrival of your wonderful letter for February 27th. For some reason or other your letter for the 26th didn’t show up. Darling, you are such a good wife and every day I find many more reasons why I can praise and thank the Lord for such a wonderful Christian wife as you are.

As I said above, the day as a whole was very much routine, and nothing of interest really happened. I did seek to help two different soldiers with problems they had. There was another soldier who has a marital problem but I was unable to see him because of existing conditions. I wanted to write several letters this evening but a soldier came into visit and stayed for quite a while. As a result, I didn’t get to write all the letters I had hoped to write. I did manage to get a letter off to my grandmother and aunt. And another to Captain Merrow, a former officer with our old outfit down below.

By the way, Chaplain Wells and I had dinner together this evening.  Of course we had a good visit. It is always good to have fellowship with those who really love Christ. I forgot to mention above that I got a very nice letter from Paul. As soon as I answer the letter I will send it on to you to read for I know you will enjoy it.

I will make a few comments on your letter for February 25th. First of all, thank John and Sherry for sending the card along with a note, I think it was most thoughtful of them. And tell them that I am very much aware of what a wonderful darling wife and sweetheart you are. Also assure them of my prayer for John in the future. I shall be praying that the Lord have His way in the matter before them. Dear, you seem to be having trouble about setting the alarm and not getting up. If I have to use an alarm I always found it the best policy to get up as soon as it rings and not try to catch another few winks. For if you do, what was the real purpose in setting it for that time anyhow? They call me the alarm clock around here because I get up so early without anything to wake me. Various ones will ask me to wake them at certain times because they say I’ll be awake. It was interesting to hear about the invitation which Dr. Wilson gave after his last Sunday’s service. Such things disappoint me very much. After all, a man by his coming is not accepting the church but he should be accepting Christ. Every invitation I give here in the Army I make it clear that men are not to come because they might please me, or their folks or loved ones,  but that they only come under the main and only reason, “a deep sense of their own personal sin and their utter inability to do anything about it apart from Christ and what we know to be God’s will.” Darling, your Sunday school seems to be coming along very well. Keep up the good work. I know the day will come when you can look back with satisfaction knowing you have done your very best.

Sad Sack. 1945.

Things seem to be coming along better for you in the Intermediate BYF now. Thank them for praying for our work out here and assure them that I think of them often. Dear, I am very much disappointed in the type of evening services they have been holding in NSBC here lately. Is that Dr. Wilson’s idea of an evening service to attract people? Or just whose idea is it anyhow? Knowing Maurice and Edith as you do, perhaps they will be able to give you a little light on the picture. Honestly, I feel very badly about the whole thing. More and more I can see NSBC will need a soul searching revival before the church as a whole will go ahead.

By the way, tell Mom thank you for sending the article about the officer whose insurance was not taken care of after coming overseas. Before I sign my pay voucher each month I always check everything to be sure that everything is correct. As a result, I can assure you that they have been taking $6.90 out of my pay ever since I have been in the Army. That is the amount I’m supposed to pay each month on $10,000. It pays to check things, especially in the Army.

My Dear, it is very late and I am tired and I still have to pack my bag before leaving early in the morning. By the way, I am enclosing a Sad Sack cartoon which I thought you might enjoy. God bless you Beloved in all things. Be sure to pass my love on to the folks.

Yours alone for all the ages of

Ages, in the love of Christ Jesus,


Colossians 3:3

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  • John T Reed
    March 5, 2019, 3:39 am

    “They call me the alarm clock around here because I get up so early without anything to wake me. Various ones will ask me to wake them at certain times because they say I’ll be awake.” So true! And apparently, I inherited this trait from Willis. 🙂

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