March 30, 1946

Kunsan, Korea

30 March 1946

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

Another day of our separation has skipped by and I certainly am thankful for that fact. Isn’t it good to know that each day’s passing brings us that much closer to the time when we can be together? I did very little today except go around with Earl and visit some of his men in the various companies. While he did some studying, I read a couple of Time magazines he had in his office.

  It has been cloudy and quite cold all day, in fact, it looks like it may rain tonight. I surely hope it doesn’t for the roads are bad enough as it is now.  About three o’clock, Earl and I took a long walk around Kunsan. We got back just in time for supper. Earl has been in the Army since last April and figures that he will have to stay over here for another year so he is going to have his wife and baby come over here. He received a cable from her today saying she is going to come so he thinks she may arrive here sometime in July. But by that time I’m hoping to be back there with you, Lover. If I thought I had to stay over here another year or so I think I would have you come over also, because I think the experience would be very good for you.


Dr. Hepburn.

I’m so thankful to know that Doug and Cleo are so very happy. I was really surprised to hear that Doug is going to be able to get out so soon. Powell’s must be very grateful for such news.

  The situation at Buena is certainly heartbreaking to say the least. I assure you that I’ll pray about the matter. After the church’s great post under Dr. Hepburn, it is indeed heartbreaking to know of things as they are now.

  Darling, that butcher over at the Jewel store must be rare to continually talk as you say he does. He must be the life in that store.

  From what you said, Bobby must be having some trouble. I do hope that Dr. Lodd will find out just what is the matter. Perhaps if Paul can get a pastorate somewhere it will help a lot in that the children will be able to get more fresh air and sunshine. Do you know whether Paul lost much money due to the strike situation at International Harvester?

  Sweetheart, it is pretty late and I’m tired so I will close for now. I’ve been interrupted several times trying to write this letter. There are four others in this room so you can see how it is to write when they keep talking and asking questions. God bless you Lover in all things.

 Always yours, Dear, because of Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3 

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