March 26, 1946

Seoul, Korea

26 March 1946

Sarah, My Beloved Darling Sweetheart:

I was pleasantly surprised with the arrival of four more of your letters today. They were yours of February 24th, 26th, 28th and March 12th. It was surely wonderful to have those wonderful letters. It is just impossible to tell you how much they do mean to me. I’ve read them over twice already and they do help me so very much. I’m hoping that it won’t be much longer when I don’t have to depend upon letters to know what you have been doing, Dear. This business of loving each other via mail isn’t so easy and I’m desperately lonely for some of the wonderful fellowship and loving which I know I can and will be ours when we are together again.

  Mom’s good letter of February 26th finally reached me letting me know that she finally received the mandarin. I was surely glad to know that she received it and that it came through in good shape. It made me happy to know that she liked it. Do you think it looks nice on her? She is such a wonderful mom and I’m sure neither she nor the Chief will ever know just how much they have meant to my life.

Don McClintock and Willis.

  You will be interested to know that I also received another letter from Don McClintock, it was his letter of the next day after having been visiting with you the day before. He is surely a fine young man I do miss him very much. You will be interested to know that Dennis is coming along fine and he claims that I have been more help to him than anyone else he has ever known. If that be true, I’m only too thankful to the Lord for that blessed privilege. Dwight is also a very fine young man and both of them together certainly mean a whole lot to me in our work here in the hospital. Dennis has been feeling very badly but is much better today for which I am very thankful. You ought to be able to get out of the hospital in three or four more days. There are quite a number with the flu now.

  I also got two letters from Connie, two from old patients who used to be here in the hospital, one from Dolores, and one for my cousin Doris Reed, that is Uncle Ralph and Glady’s girl. I got so many letters to answer now I don’t know just when I’ll ever get them finished. It really means something to have mail again after going without mail for so long.

  Early this morning, they called me from Ascom City and told me that they had found a box which belongs to me on a stray boxcar. So I decided to go down there immediately to get it with the hope that it might be the public address system which Mrs. Sims sent to me last August. That took the entire morning. I got back here just in time to get something to eat at dinner time. After a snack, I came back up here to the office and opened the box and to my great joy, I found that it was the PA system. Dwight and I assembled it per instructions and found it plays perfectly and is really a beauty. As soon as possible I’m going to send to Mrs. Sims a thank you letter. We are not going to have to worry about something to play our records on now Darling for we really have a very fine machine which will probably be able to use in our work together later.

  A good share of the afternoon was spent in calling in the various wards. We have some very sick patients right now and it really keeps me on the go, but I do enjoy it and have found some good experiences through the whole thing.

  Shortly before suppertime, Alrik called me and we had a good visit and he wants me to come down there for a visit, and if it can be arranged, I will probably try to do so sometime in the near future. While I was eating supper Dwight came down to the mess hall and told me that Chaplain Minor was up in my office and wanting to see me. I came right up and found that he was up here for the chaplain’s meeting at Corps headquarters tomorrow so I made arrangements for another Chaplain (Martin)  and Earl to stay with me tonight and tomorrow night. It is certainly wonderful to see Earl again. He is a mighty fine chaplain and I know he is doing a very good job of it. We have been visiting ever since their arrival with the exception of the time during Bible class. There were nine out this evening. And we finished the book of Exodus.

  Earl has just finished his letter to his wife so I think I will close for tonight, Lover. I have two different men in to see me this evening so that has slowed me up and now it is getting rather late now and I want to show them to their beds, for I know they are tired after that long ride today. God bless you Lover in all things and remember that I do love you much more than ever, if that is possible.

 Yours and yours alone forever

 in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3 

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