March 25, 1946

Seoul, Korea

25 March 1946

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

Well, one more day has slipped by and we are that much nearer to the time when we can be together and how thankful I am for that fact. I had hoped that some more of your back mail would have come in, but it didn’t. Tomorrow is another day and I’ll be hoping anyhow. I have a number of your letters to catch up on, but I would like to know what you said in a lot of those that are missing.

  Dennis was admitted to the hospital this afternoon. He has the flu. He hasn’t been feeling so good since yesterday afternoon. I do hope that he won’t have to stay in the hospital too long. I’m glad that Dwight is here to help me now for that will help out a lot.

Miss Audrey Asmus.

  This morning I had a number of interruptions and in that Audrey Asmus is supposed to go aboard a ship tomorrow for her return to the States, I decided to take her mail down to her at Jinsen.  For, after all, I know how I would feel if someone would bring my mail to me. Arnold Hodak went along with me. We left here at noon and didn’t get back here until a little after 6 o’clock. We stopped by the old outfit and had our evening meal. It is hard to recognize any of the faces of the men back there now. Most of the old-timers are gone now.

  While down that way, I stopped by the Ascom Chaplain’s office and picked up a few supplies for our work out here at the hospital. While down there, I picked up several other things but I won’t tell you what they are now because I want them to be a surprise to you. I hope you like what I have for you.

  I just had a short time to study before Bible class this evening. We had 9 in attendance this evening and we covered from the 20th to the 32nd verse of the book of Exodus. Some of the men stayed for a while and asked questions and thus quite a lot of time slipped by. I had wanted to write several letters but I only managed to get one written and that was to Don. I’m enclosing his letter for you to read. He is certainly a wonderful young man and I miss him very much.

Lover,  it is so very late and I’m so tired that I think I will close for tonight and try to write a better letter tomorrow evening. God bless you, Dearest, in all things.

 Yours and none others forever in Christ’s

  Eternal love,


 Colossians 3:3

 P.S. Enclosed find the last roll of pictures I took. Some of them look pretty good. 

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