March 18, 1945

18 March 1945

Sarah, My Darling:

Well Dear, another day has past and I’m quite tired after the busy day. Darling, I love you more than words can tell. This has been Sunday, whereas Saturday for you. From now on, we will be having services ahead of you. I’ll be thinking about you and your services tomorrow.

Picture from Manila, 1945.

Paul and I got up early this morning, shaved and had our breakfast and were talking about what we might do today, that is if we didn’t get out of here. Just as we had about decided, up rushed Chaplin Gilbert Johnstone’s assistant wanting to know if we could help with services today. Chaplin Johnstone became ill during the night. I guess he had a very upset stomach. So as a result, I took the 9 o’clock service and Paul took his 10:30 service. Chaplin Johnstone is certainly thought a lot of, men know when a man means business. We need many more of his kind. I had such short notice that I used the same sermon topics that I have used before. We had a very good attendance at all services.

We did a little driving after dinner, the debris of battle is still to be seen.

Later we called at the hospital on Chaplin Johnstone. He was feeling better but is still weak. After seeing him we had our evening meal then I came back to the chapel for the evening service. Many of the men stayed to visit, but eventually we came back here and we cleaned up, now we are both writing to our sweethearts.

As I said before, things that would make this letter interesting cannot be told, so I’ll write to you with comments on your letter of March 3rd. I was sorry to hear about Mr. Kemp’s son been killed. It must be hard on his wife, especially with a little one on the way. I was glad to hear about Dr. Martin’s preaching at Buena. I have met him on several occasions but he probably doesn’t remember me. I was on a program with him while still at Lexington. He is a very good man and did astounding work with the church at Bloomington. I believe he could do a lot of good for Buena. Let me know how it comes out. He is entirely different than Dr. Hepburn but he is a good man from all I have ever heard.

It is good to know he is feeling better. (I mean Mr. Paul). Paul’s are certainly fine people.

You must have had a good time visiting with all the folks from Buena. When I go through our next stop I hope I will have an opportunity to see Wayne or Joe. Several are expecting are they not? This will be Larry and Margaret’s fourth, won’t it? And Ruth and Chuck’s third?

Well my Dear, I shall close for tonight and may God bless you in all things. Give the folks my love.

Yours for all time and eternity Dear,

In Christ’s perfect love,


Colossians 3:3

I John 4:18

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