March 17, 1946

March 17, 1946 

Dearest Darling —

I feel just like a dishrag – a wet, useless dishrag. After a session with the BY like tonight’s, I wonder why I’m working with them at all. You wouldn’t have believed the kids could be so disorderly. We did the best we could with them and finally got them calmed down at the very end enough to read and discuss some scripture, but what went before was terrible. And of course, Mr. Wigent was there tonight. We have really had some very good meetings, but tonight’s was one of the worst. There were six girls and George Hans, and five of the girls just couldn’t calm down. I won’t go into the gory details, but suffice it to say, I was about at my wit’s end. However, after the meeting was over, they did say they were sorry and promised to do better next time – they even apologized of their own free will. I don’t think we will sit in a circle again. But you know, the homes of some of them come from, I’m even surprised they are as likable as they are. They tell you very freely that their mothers yelled them out of the house just before they came, and one said her mother often says she wishes the girl were dead, and then my heart just aches for them. Maybe something will stick and be a help to them. All I can do is do my best and pray for the Lord to do what I can’t. But we surely do need a couple to help us in sponsoring them. Brownie is all right, but she is just a kid – only 18, and continually regales us with the tales of her trials at school and what they do, and you just can’t do that with young people – the sponsors have to be interested in them and what they are doing, not expect them to be interested in your troubles. Well, maybe they can get us someone to help after a while. Anyhow you pray for us, Darling.

  Outside of that, it has been a good day however, and I love you more than ever. I truly thought of you a lot today, Lover. About everyone I talked to asked about you -Vivian Schaefer, Mr. Wigent, Rose Lee Reed, Ruth Skoglund, Mrs. Shogran, Ruth Obenland, Myrtle Johnson, and some others I can’t think of at the present. Incidentally, Mrs. Swanson, whose brother-in-law is over in Korea, told me that he had written that he met you and talked with you – he is a member of North Shore. You haven’t mentioned it in any of the February letters, but of course, I’m still missing some and you may not have mentioned it because I wouldn’t have known him anyway.

North shore Baptist Church – Chicago.

  It has been rainy almost all day and is raining quite hard now. But it isn’t very cold. I suppose it will be colder by tomorrow. All but one of my girls were there today, and for a change, we have an extra long time for class, which was just like heaven. For once I got to do everything I had planned, with the exception of one little thing. I do hope the girls got something out of it that will help them – they all seemed very much interested and participated very well. I love every one of them. I was sitting with one of them in church and she said she would like to join the church, so I talked with her a while about what it means to become a Christian. She also said she didn’t think her mother would let her be a member of North Shore because they are Lutheran – they don’t go to church at all, but they are Lutheran. I told her I would be glad to talk with her mother about it, and said I would call her and see if it would be convenient to come this afternoon. I called later on, but after conference, she said they were going away. I rather suspect it was just an excuse, but maybe not. Perhaps I can go some other time. Dr. Wilson had a good sermon on Jesus and His abiding presence. The Great Lakes Double Quartet was there, having sung in several classes, and they sang, “The Lord’s Prayer,” and “In the Garden,” and it was beautiful. They are negroes, and were here last year. They sing very softly most of the time now, which makes for a lovely tone and harmony and they are about 100% better than they were last year. Tonight they gave quite a few numbers, two secular, and 7 spirituals. They are truly fine men – all of them either college graduates or students. One of them played the violin beautifully also.

  This was the last Sunday of the attendance campaign and we had 1194 in Sunday school this morning. That is pretty close to the all-time high of 1250. The service was jammed to the gills, with people all over the place and even standing up. I just wonder how long it will last when the contest is over. Dr. Wilson preached tonight on, “What’s the sense of joining the Church?”  and it was well done. But today not one person went forward at either service. That seldom happens.

  The kids weren’t home for dinner and they didn’t get home till after we did tonight. They went out to the Dunes and Valparaiso and got back in time for supper at Waldschmidts.  This afternoon I had several phone calls which took a good deal of time, and then I called quite a few of the BY kids, with not much success. I wrote some cards and studied for this Sunday’s and next Sunday’s meetings. By then it was time to go down to church again – Pop drove me down because it was raining.

  So that has been my day, Darling, and I’m glad it is over, for the simple reason that it makes one day less that we will have to be apart. Lover, it will be so wonderful to wake up and work and live with you again. Seems like 900 years since we have been together. I wish it were only that many hours before we would be together again. But I guess that is practically impossible. Anyway, another twenty-four have gone by since I last wrote to you. Dear, I’ll be loving you that much more when you do come home, and I do pray it won’t be much longer. God bless you and use you to His glory.

 Yours and always in His love –


 Colossians 3:3

Auntie Skaggs, Mrs. George, Mr. Abernathy and Dorothy Reid also sent greetings.

The enclosed article was in today’s paper – some write up!

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  • John T Reed
    March 17, 2020, 3:20 am

    “I feel just like a dishrag – a wet, useless dishrag.” Mom used to say this a lot when she was tired (without the useless part…)

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