March 17, 1945

17 March 1945

Sarah, My Dearest Darling:

I have just missed one day writing to you, but according to this date it will look like I’ve missed two days. The reason for that is the fact that we are now past the international dateline. We were in flight all the time since my last letter to you. We arrived here today but will have to wait a while before we make the last leg of our flight. This afternoon while Paul and I were walking around here, who should we run into but Chaplin Gilbert Johnstone. He is a graduate of Northern and I was in school with him two years. He had just written to Dr. Koller yesterday. I hope to see him again before we leave here. He looks good and is very busy because they are short chaplains here. The only other chaplain he has seen since being over here is Bill Hill (that is, I mean Northern man). Bill is now down in Australia. It rained a quite a lot here today.  The things that would make this letter interesting I cannot write about, so you see it isn’t so easy. It will be a little easier when I arrive at my destination. I hope it isn’t too long, this waiting around business is most tiresome.

Now I will make a few comments on your letters beginning with yours of March 2nd. I am glad to know the records are on their way, but I think it will be at least two months before they reach me now.

The box you packed them in sounded very good. I will certainly save it, of that you can be sure. Darling, your idea about trading a relish tray for a waffle iron is a very good idea I think. Under the circumstances, it would be of help to all of us. From what you said in your letter Louise must be growing rapidly.

It is good to know that the Chief had such a good birthday. I would like to have been there with him to celebrate it. Maybe next year we can.

It was good to hear that Gilbert and Pat have postponed their wedding. As you say, things certainly do sound funny in their case.

Well Darling, I’m tired, not having any sleep during the last night’s flight. So long for now, and remember, I love you more than ever I have before. Give my love to the folks.

Always yours, Dear, in His

Perfect love who is our life,


Colossians 3:3

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