March 15, 1945

14 March 1945

Sarah, My Darling:

We are still waiting, we decided to write again this evening. Paul is writing to his wife also. After finishing your letter this morning, the head chaplain of my former outfit came to see me and expressed his gratitude for my good work in the short time I was with them. He said he did everything to keep me but I had been picked by the Chief of the Pacific Ocean areas and there was nothing he could do about it. Someday I’ll tell you all about it.

The old tattered copy of My Utmost for His Highest that Willis carried with him throughout the war.

This afternoon I did some reading in my Bible as well as catching up on my devotional material. I had missed two days. I sent my copy of “My Utmost” home for I had to get rid of some more things. After eating this evening Paul and I came back here and did some more talking.

Dear, I’m going to start with your letter of February 28th. I know I’m going to miss hearing from you for sometime. Your work in Church History was very good, Dear. I’m certainly proud of you, everything about you makes me love you more all the time.

The statement Mrs. Henry’s brother made about closed communion is very good. Knowing Mrs. Henry, I’m sure he must be a very fine man. I’m glad you get to see Paul and Gen so often. I will certainly be glad when we can all be together again and visit as we used to do so, Dear. Your last session with Dr. Richardson sounded very interesting. I also think they should have more Bible study. Christian education is woefully neglected. I was interested to hear what Dr. Richardson said about the new Roman Catholic Bible and the fact that indulgences are granted for the reading of it.

I’m glad to know you took Dr. and Mrs. Mantey’s picture. I will be glad to see it when the pictures arrives. They are wonderful people and I shall never be able to forget their wonderful kindness to me. When you see Vernon Ritter be sure to greet him for me. And tell him I certainly appreciate his prayer. The prayer of all our friends certainly means everything. Where I’m going we will certainly need their prayer. I realize to be fully used I must be in the center of God’s will. Dear, you certainly got a fine grade in Christian Education. Dear, if you can take your last quarter of Evangelism by correspondence I would, and get it over with. I had it under Dr. Whitesell and I know you will get more out of it by taking it by correspondence if you are going to take Greek this fall. I certainly wouldn’t fool around with a course under Whitesell. You will have to finish your third quarter of the Evangelism before you will have the required courses for your master’s degree, won’t you? I think it was sweet the way you showed Dale and Dukie the map. I’m glad he liked his birthday letter.

I was glad you got to see Charlie Burton and the Good News set up. It is good to know he has a better job. I was surprised to hear that Marian’s father died last winter. I’m glad her mother is better. I’m sorry to know that Don and Rachel haven’t done anything about Donnie’s eye. Is it very bad, Dear? I hope they don’t neglect it too long. 

Dear, when I said I was willing to go anywhere provided you were along, I didn’t mean it as it sounded-that is, conditioning my obedience. But Dear, I cannot possibly describe the aching feeling I have in my heart because of living separated from you. I do want above all else to do God’s will but I do hope I don’t have to be separated from you too much longer. For honestly there is within my breast a constant ache.

Well Dear, I’m tired so I think I will close for tonight. God bless you, and remember, I love you more than words can ever tell.

Yours alone in the 

Love of our Lord

Jesus Christ,


Colossians 3:3

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