March 13, 1945

13 March 1945

Sarah, My Dearest Darling:

Well, another day has slipped by and we haven’t left as yet. Early this morning I had my first medical clearance. They gave me three more shots and they have made me feel pretty miserable since. I’m not going to write you such a long letter tonight, I’m sure I’ll feel better after resting tonight. I’ve had about every kind of shot you can think of now.

Pictures from Willis’ time of detached service. March 1945.

While waiting here this morning I met another chaplain who is a fine fellow, he is from Louisiana and a graduate of Southwestern. We visited for sometime, then I found out that I would not leave today. As a result, I was given the rest the afternoon and evening off. Chaplain Lowe called Rev. and Mrs. Koon and so they asked us to come out and spend the afternoon with them. They drove me to several very beautiful spots, then brought me back to their home this evening. Mrs. Kuhn had a very nice dinner. You will remember they did the same thing for me when I flew up from down below last October. They are certainly doing a wonderful work over here among the people and children. It really reveals the fact that the gospel is what men want. They gave me a snapshot of themselves which I’ll send on to you. Be sure to show it to the Kollers. Koons also asked me to have you give their greetings to the Kollers. We had a good visit and I told them all about you Dear and what a wonderful sweetheart you are to me.

Darling, inb that I’m very tired I think I’ll close for tonight. I’ll write more to you tomorrow if God so wills. God bless Beloved in all things. I love you truly,

Yours forever in the love of Christ

Jesus our Lord.


Colossians 3:3

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