March 10, 1945

10 March 1945

My Beloved Darling Sweetheart:

Well my Dear, this is the last day of our detached service. It is late now and I still have to pack but I want to write you. We are supposed to leave here early in the morning for the Hilo airport. It was really cold when we got up this morning. I got up and built a fire in the fireplace which certainly felt good.

Willis and his friends in their trip to Hilo.

We decided to go down to Hilo today. But before we left camp I used the time to write two letters while Captain Wilson and Major Ender played ping-pong. I wrote to Doug Powell and Bill Hill. We left here on the 10 o’clock o’clock bus.

We shopped around for some things, Captain Wilson and Major Ender bought some gifts for their wives. I saw one thing I would like to have bought for you but I didn’t have enough money, for I still have to settle up for these days over here. And of course, I want to keep a little until the end of the month for I may need it for some unexpected things. After having our dinner we bowled four games. Darling, I cannot explain it but for those four games I averaged 216 which is unusually high. My high game was 234 and my low 192. I have never bowled many games, but they are teasing me and calling me an expert and holding out on them. While looking around I found some more snapshots which are very very good. I know you will like them. I’ll send them to you in letters from time to time. It was certainly a beautiful day. It is cold again tonight.

A Chaplain who used to be in our division was here tonight and we had a good visit. Chaplain Kern also made a lot of trouble for him, he finally got out by going to higher authorities. He was a Catholic so it wasn’t as difficult for him. I’ll stand by my convictions and pray that something will happen. I don’t like to bother you with such things, but Dear I have never known such a double crossing individual. I never told you before, but last week I talked straight to him, and told him about himself. I didn’t get angry, but I meant every word I said. When I finished telling him about himself he was crying and ased me to forgive him and give him a chance to prove himself. That man has done more to hinder the Lord’s cause than you can imagine. I cannot go into details now. But when we are together I’ll tell you. 

After talking to him I came to our quarters and wrote two letters, one to Marguerite Simonian of Tremont Temple and Mr. and Mrs. Powell. Dear, I must close for now and pack my val-pac. God bless you, Beloved. Give the folks my love.

Yours alone for the ages of the ages in

The love of Christ our Lord,


Colossians 3:3

P.S. Enclosed is the last letter I got from Marguerite Simonian and a cartoon.

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