Letter from Mrs. Lillie V. Morton

Mrs. Lillie V. Morton

Rockdale, Tex R2 Bx 118

Aug. 15 1945

Chaplain Willis A. Reed

Willis leading service for a small group of men on Okinawa. 1945.

I want to thank you for your comforting and inspiring spiritual words in the death of my darling son Johnny who was killed May 23rd. I thank God that this cruel War is Over according to the news reported yesterday. I have one Dear Son living in the Philippines last heard of and the many many other dear soldiers that have been spared can come to meet those loved ones. But the absence that the war has left in my home and all other homes that the dear boys and girls had to give up their lives and can never come back to us. But one thing I can say thank God he was prepared to meet our blessed savior and dwell in a heaven of rest where we can all be United when our work on Earth is done but it is so hard to understand why God saw fit to have my family circle of twelve dear children broken in the war and had to be buried over there on the enemy’s land. Thank you for your services over his body and will you please tell me how he was killed and was his dear body blown to pieces or was he killed by bullet wounds. Was he killed instantly or did he have to suffer life away? Oh please tell me if all his body was buried it together and he was buried in a casket of some form where I can get his body brought back to be laid to rest in our home Cemetery where he wanted to be laid to await the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. And do you know why the letters I wrote him was not delivered to him he never heard from home after the 7th of April? It was so hard to know he had to die without hearing from me as faithful as he always was to me. Will you please tell me who to write to get his dear body. I want to just as soon as I can get it and it is grave marker where I can be sure I get my dear son’s body. You are as in Christ. 

Lily V Morton.

 Johnny carried a steel back New Testament and billfold and knife. I want them if they can be shipped to me by return mail.

 Lilly V. Morton

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