Letter from Mrs. James F. Parker

As we do not have Willis Reed’s letters from February 22-March 22, we will be posting a variety of other things.  This week will be the letters from families of soldiers killed.

Comstock, New York

August 15th, 1945

Chaplain Willis A. Reed (Capt.) USA;


Hq. Special Troops, 7th Inf. Div.

A.P.O. #7, % Postmaster

San Francisco, California;

Dear Mr. Reed;

I received your letter of May 6th, 1945: Telling us about our son Pfc. Morgan J. Parker 32851675. I have received other letters also but none of them stated the time of day that he met his death; as you said, words are not adequate to express our feelings and I do know personally that his passing leaves an ache in all our hearts here at home which can never be healed entirely. Anyone would have wanted to know him personally, in order to know what a very fine son he was. He left school half-way thru his third year high and went to work in order to take over full responsibility of a family of seven. Due to ill health his father was unable to keep things going, so Morgan did and never a word of complaint in any way. He was one in a million and it is with pain in my heart that I think now he can never come home. We had all looked forward and planned so on his return, so we could perhaps in some way repay him for all he has done for us.

I personally feel that the best of my life is over, yet I am still considered young having married very young. We have four other children: A boy, seventeen, one fourteen, one eleven and a little girl four years old. Morgan worshipped her and although she was barely two when he left, she still remembers him clearly. It’s so hard to make her understand. She keeps on asking why we don’t receive any more letters from him and when he can come home again to stay. Yesterday, when peace was officially declared, the boys came running in to tell us (I haven’t had the radio on since receiving the telegram) and the first thing she said was, “Mamma, now can Morgie come home and stay?”

While I am very glad that the war is finally over, I just can’t bear to see them celebrate, for after all, Morgan was so very young and had planned so on coming home, it really seems more than I can bear at times. If they hadn’t drafted eighteen-year-olds, he would still be here in the States.

The verses you called to my attention were very fitting. I thought much the same myself; God must have had His reasons but it does seem so much more than I can bear. Right now, the future looks very dark and unpromising; It will leave a scar on our hearts which can never fully heal. This war will be remembered in more ways than one by our family and a great many of Morgan’s friends who all have the highest of praise for him.

Thanking you  sincerely for the family,

I am sincerely yours,

Mrs. James F. Parker Jr.

Comstock, New York

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  • John T Reed
    March 2, 2020, 4:06 am

    These letters from the bereaved are heart-wrenching.

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